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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Everyjoe Tuesday: In the Crazy Position of Having to Take Donald Trump's Side Edition

It takes a lot to make me stand up and argue with people FOR, instead of against, Donald Trump.  Specifically, it takes the Media and Political Establishment engaging in a completely contrived controversy, smearing him with standard pseudo-activist tactics, lying about him, all in a desperate attempt to overcome their own pathetic failure to beat him fair.  Click on that link above to see my article, written through gritted teeth, as I take Trump's side against the bullshit "kkk" utterly fake controversy concocted to try to 'take him down' (after every other bullshit attempt to 'take him down' failed).

I don't have very much confidence that he'd be a 'fit leader'. I suppose it's possible he might somehow rise to the occasion if he wins, but his track record in business certainly doesn't inspire confidence in that.

But it is also true that the media establishment has tried to pull every dirty trick in the book to smear him, while the political establishment has consistently underestimated him (and continue to do so) while looking down on the people who support Trump and pushing simplistic and utterly dismissive ideas about why.

How could they do otherwise, though? The real reason is too damning to them: it's that the political establishment and the mainstream media are rotten to the core, show nothing but contempt for the mass of ordinary people, and keep right on thinking that those ordinary people are stupid to realize this. 

The instinct for people to vote Trump is an instinct born out of total contempt for the ruling class who are hopelessly corrupt and have proven themselves utterly self-serving and inept while being infuriatingly self-congratulating of their own decadence. It's the desire to raise the black flag and purge all the filth that sits like a steaming pile of cancerous shit on the foundations of western civilization, slowly smothering it. 

I can't join up with it because I don't think that's the actual solution, but I can sure as fuck understand it.


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  1. The media propaganda regarding Bernie and Trump has been so transparent, it's impossible to go back to seeing media coverage as anything other than another political system.

  2. The people voting for Trump always seem to forget that Trump is a Billionaire and a member of the ruling elite, moreso than any other candidate running now. He has masked that very capably by playing upon the fears and xenophobia of the masses, but when he is elected, he will forget those people without money, who expect him to stand for him. Why would he when he never has before? I would have voted Rand Paul. But I live in California, who the rest of the country has told doesn't count. We vote last, and California has 13 times the population of Iowa. California has more people living in it than Canada. that said California will probably vote Trump, we have the most illegal immigrants and the most people with something to lose. I hate politics.

    1. I liked Rand Paul best too. That said, I don't think people 'forget' that Trump is a billionaire. What happens, though, is that the people who like Trump see the Establishment Elite freaking out about him, and they end up figuring he might just be the right man for the job of screwing those elites over.

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