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Monday, 14 March 2016

Pictures from Uruguay

Today, just some little snippets from the Cordon neighborhood, Montevideo:

This is just another example of an entry/courtyard of a typical 'reciclaje'; which is a very standard type of housing in this neighborhood.  It's old houses, mansions or tenements rebuilt and redesigned into condominium houses or apartments.  I think most of them are really very pretty and really different from either ordinary houses or standard block apartments.

Here's a fairly fancy local restaurant, one of a ridiculous amount of them.

Here's the menu:

That's zucchini soup, eggplant bruschetta, roast beef with potatoes a la rosemary, pumpkin risotto, and the fish of the day with a lentil salad.

It's also got some very picturesque tables:

Finally, today some pictures from El Carioca; the very best coffee store in the city!

It's the one truly professional coffee outfit in the entire country. They're mainly a wholesaler; only people in the know realize that you can knock on their door, and suddenly there's this amazing retail front store hidden away behind it.  They do their own roasting and have fantastic product.  And the owner will all but insist you sample his blends for free while you're there.


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