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Monday 21 March 2016

OBS - RPGnow Has Claimed its First Victim of Outrage Brigade CENSORSHIP

Venger Satanis' Alpha Blue (an RPG currently on my to-be-reviewed list) has just been Censored by OBS, the largest bookseller of RPG products on the internet.

This comes several months after they instituted a policy agreeing that if anyone (but we all know that by 'anyone', they meant fashionable Pseudo-Activist Swine with totalitarian agendas) were to complain about any product at any time, this product would be pulled to be examined, and possibly permanently censored, rather than let it 'offend' anyone.

Venger Satanis publishes weird, sometimes juvenile products with a touch of rumpy-bumpy salaciousness.  But it's not porn. It's not something that would warrant an X rating.

But it offends the sensibilities of dangerous, censorship-happy Swine who want to take control of the hobby.

So here we are, TWO WEEKS of review time, during which Satanis won't be able to sell his products.  Are they going to pay him back for lost profits in that time? Is OBS going to make it up to him if his product is ruled to be Politically-correct enough to be allowed to stay?  Of course, if it is, and the Outrage Brigade rises up in complaint and say mean things to the FUCKING SPINELESS COWARDS that run OBS (like Steve Wieck, who in censoring Alpha Blue has proven what a WORTHLESS FUCKING SHITSACK COWARD he is), then what will save Satanis from OBS fucking bending over again and turning around on its decision (to avoid being called 'sexist' by thought-control TOTALITARIANS like Tracy Hurley or Fred Hicks, who think THEY should get to decide what books you should or should not be allowed to read)?

So here is what all of you can do:

1. Write to Steve Wieck, at and tell him to stop being a fucking cunt, find his backbone, and stand up for free expression and against censoring his own website.

2. FUCK UP HIS SYSTEM. Go on the website and report every fucking book you can. Let him know the wages of sin.

3. Start going to the alternative. We now have the Tabletop Library. PUBLISHERS: put your products there and let Wieck know you will be putting your products there.  Gamers: let publishers know you'd rather buy books there than on RPGNow or DTRPG (which are both owned by the same company, OBS, and run by the same FUCKING SLIMEBALL COWARD, Steve Wieck). 
Buy all the stuff you can at the Tabletop Library!  

Wieck, you piece of shit, get ready. I'm not going to let a Professional Sea Slug like yourself hand over the entire hobby to a gang of Pseudo-Activist Fascists just because you personally lack the vertebrae to ever ever stand up to them.   You don't want to fight them because it's hard and they're really mean?  Well, bitch, you haven't seen hard or mean yet. I'm the motherfucker that's stopped them before.  And since you won't learn the easy way, the only option you leave us is to make it MUCH MORE UNCOMFORTABLE for you and your company to keep listening to the fascists and censoring products than it would be to stand up to the pseudo-activists, propping up your invertebrate mass however you can manage, and let out a sluglike meep of refusal to them, even if only out of fear of what people like me will do to you if you don't. 

Do yourself a favor: put Alpha Blue back where it was. Now. 


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  1. I'm sorry but your language completely turns me off even trying to agree with you. A pointless waste of good abuse that does nothing to support what you are saying. The call to arms is nothing short of industrial terrorism, people can simply stop buying from the site and it will fail if sufficient numbers support you. Finally you implore people to go to a competitor sounds complicit and driven by a vested interest in the fortunes of the that business.
    Nobody guarantees you the right to have your work displayed on a commercial site, the owner always has the right to refuse their service, and the customers can leave in protest, that is how a free economy works. Your crude emotive appeals to storm the bastion in the name of liberty, and to personally attack and ridicule someone without rational cause reeks of personal political agenda and I will elect to ignore it. Perhaps if you had used adult language, persuasion and rational argument you could have been more persuasive. As is you are no better than those you are attacking. I find both sides offensive, which seems to be the point these days... lets see who can be the most offensive because that will show how serious we are. Bravo, you know a lot of anatomical slang words, how impressive is your intellect.

    PS I do like your articles on Trump.

    1. Kevin: I have NO financial interest whatsoever in The Tabletop Library, with the sole exception that one single product of mine is thus far available for sale there (Arrows of Indra), because the publisher of that book chose to do so. I guess you could also say that EVERYONE has a vested interest in that business succeeding, because the only reason we are in this mess, the only reason we can get a bunch of SJWs dictating to one company and resulting in the potential to control the entire hobby, is just because there's only ONE company that controls the biggest chunk of the pdf market. If there were TWO (or more) there'd be a strong financial incentive for neither company to commit censorship (since presumably, products banned by one company would lead to people migrating over to the other, more free-speech company).

      And there is a rational reason for making it personal: because the other side have no interest in being rational, and the operator of OBS has shown no ability to be reasoned with on principles alone. They managed to intimidate him, so we have to intimidate him MORE.

      Am I no different than the SJWs trying to censor RPGs? Well, I am in one very crucial sense: if they win, they get to be the ones who decide which books everyone gets to read and which they don't get to read. If I win, then everyone gets to decide FOR THEMSELVES what they read or don't read.

    2. I agree that OBS are close to a monoploy, but I think they have the right to do what they like and suffer their own consequences. I'm not encouraged by the idea of attacking them to prove a point, especially as the cost of it will be passed on to me.
      I also am with you against this weird social justice movement, which from what I can read is a huge minority (sic) of no ones manipulating the system.
      Lets hope that Tabletop takes off and is successful enough to compete, that would be good for everyone. :)

  2. Oh my. Foul language is apparently worse than censorship and cowardice now. What depths we've sunk to.

  3. Why not just call them Progressives or better yet Regressives. I think more folks would get who you are referring to that way.

  4. Why not just call them Progressives or better yet Regressives. I think more folks would get who you are referring to that way.

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  6. It is already back up on the site, listed under Adult Content. Simple and done.