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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wild West Campaign Update

In this week's session, the PCs learned:

1. You don't go around telling the Sheriff that you found a man scalped within a quarter-mile of Dodge when you're in the middle of the saloon.

2. Before the Internet was invented, gossiping like wildfire was pretty much the only thing people could do to entertain themselves.

3. If you show off you're good with a horse, the next thing you know you'll be a front-runner in the 4th of July horse race.

4. Even when Wyatt isn't in town, Morgan Earp just can't catch a break.

5. If there seems to be a serial scalper right in town, it's not going to be an Indian.  If he scalps as well as the best of them, he's probably an old buffalo hunter.

6. The chase rules are quite good fun.

7. A crazed old buffalo hunter with a tomahawk and a bowie knife is as dangerous as any gunman.

8. Sheriff Charlie Basset will gun down the closest thing he ever had to a father, if it's what it takes to uphold the law.

9.  Losing a horse race by a nose to a New York ringer will bring you almost as much fame and prestige as actually winning. But it still won't give you back your betting money.


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