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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Everyjoe Tuesday: Christian Persecution Edition

I'm not Christian. But American Christians are kind of right about the massive double-standard that makes them feel under attack.  

If anyone treated Islam the way the Left treats Christianity, the Left would be up in arms and demanding blood!

Check out what I mean in my latest article on EJ, about Why Christian Conservatives Really Feel Persecuted

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  1. One might argue Christians have it coming for making the Republican party their bitch and leaving me with no options but libertarians who can't get elected.

  2. Christians have been treated by a gross double-standard coming for . . . actively participating in our government in a legal and Constitutional way and being a significant demographic. Interesting thought process there.

  3. Perhaps if self-described libertarians could get over their adolescent resentment of Christianity, this wouldn't be such a problem.

    1. I have to agree there. Libertarianism is all about the free marketplace of ideas. We have to defend Christianity from a double-standard, and trust that we can make our ideas appealing enough to win over people.