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Thursday 31 March 2016

Photos From Uruguay!

In today's edition, first, we have some architecture. In the neighborhood I live in, the Cordon, we have a particular type of housing structure that is not as common anywhere else.  It's called the 'reciclaje', which is a very old structure (manor, old tenements, or even religious housing like The Abbey apparently once was), that is completely restructured into very beautiful very creative smaller housing or apartments. Almost all of these are found in the interior of the city blocks, reachable by a long hallway from the streetside, making these places their own little havens in the middle of the city.  They usually have their own little interior alleys or central courtyards.

Here's a couple of pictures taken from the gate of one of these complexes (not my own):

The Cordon was, for a long time, the outer limit of the city (we're talking about until around the 1930s or so); now it isn't even close and counts as part of downtown.   So in any case, it keeps a lot of neat architecture from a wide variety of periods, including some very old.

Finally, for today, I know I've posted this before, but did I mention the many, many awesome little bakeries?



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  1. Nice bakery selection. You never know what you're going to find. The Jewish bakery down the street, for example, has better cannolis than the Italian bakery across the street from it.