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Saturday 21 September 2013

A Player's Eye View of my DCC Game

So last week we played DCC (the English-language game) and our newest player happens to have a blog, and he's posted a summary of the (first half of) the game I ran.

This is the ongoing DCC game that we've been playing only about once a month; and I've been reticent to reveal too much of the setting in my blog entries so far, I'm half-thinking I could make a sourcebook out of it some day.  But Gabriel wrote this awesome actual play report, showing off the "110% gonzo" of the setting, and I really can't resist sharing it.

Tell me what you think: is this a game you'd want to play in? Is this a setting you'd want to read, in detail?


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  1. That seems to have a sort of nuts pulp novel feel to it. I'd be interested, at the very least. Doubly so, if it wasn't too system specific (big fan of DCC, but not sure i'd be interested in something that was too closely tied to just that)

  2. Thank you for the comments, guys. There might be more information on this setting in the future...