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Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Hopeless Racism of French Canadian Culture

For those of you who don't follow Canadian news (which I would reasonably assume to be pretty much anyone who doesn't live in or come from Canada), there's been a little problem going on in Canada for some time now with one province, called Quebec.

You know its funny, because here in South America I constantly get asked "but don't they speak french in Canada?" when my English is noted; some people with slightly more knowledge (proving again how a little knowledge can be a very bad thing) might state "oh, no, you see half of Canada speaks English, and half speaks French".

Its then that I have to explain to people that NO, in fact, only one-tenth of Canada speaks French, and they just impose it on the rest of us.  Lately, though, they seem more interested on engaging in Ethnic Cleansing of their own Province in their endless orgy of cultural insecurity.

You see, the Quebec government, who already has laws on the book making it illegal to post signs in English without BIGGER french words on the sign, and above the English; and who have recently gone on a pogrom of shutting down Italian restaurants that used Italian words for pasta instead of the alleged french words for them no one knows or has any clue about; and who have recently declared that public employees will speak only in French (so that, for example, a Paramedic should respond only in French to a critically injured anglophone begging for help, even if he's incapable of understanding them); and that same Quebec government that declared that children must be educated only in French, even on Canadian Army bases even if it means that children of anglophone soldiers temporarily posted to Quebec will essentially lose 1-2 years of their education and possibly fall behind their peers forever because of being unable to understand anything the teacher says; has now decided to propose in law what they hypocritically call a "Charter of Values" which makes it illegal for public employees to wear any kind of "religious symbolism" (again, note that in Canada "public employees" includes things like all paramedics, teachers, doctors, and liquor store employees).  The government of Quebec provided handy guidelines of what they want to allow (on the left) or forbid (on the right):

Note how the symbols to the right are all the "ethnic" ones. 

All this has proven a lie that anyone with half a brain knew was a lie, but that the Quebecois kept trying to pretend otherwise: namely, that the Quebecois are sophisticated progressives, and that the evil "Anglos" (especially those unwashed rednecks in Western Canada!) are the horrible racists that would oppress them and destroy their precious culture!  The French Canadians, thinking themselves better than the rest of Canada, wanted to believe that somehow they are at the avant-garde of social values. 

Only we knew none of that was true since way back in the second sovereignty referendum, when the leader of the independence movement and head of the Quebecois-nationalist political party declared that it was unfair that the independence movement was lost because of "the Ethnic Vote". 

"But wait!", you say, "how do we know that this isn't all just a "rogue government", some kind of unpopular extremists that do not accurately represent the views of the population that elected them? I mean, after all, they're a minority government, right? I'm sure most Quebecois are actually enlightened tolerant people and not the horrible racists you're trying to make them out to be, Pundit!"

That would be a good point, if a recent poll conducted by one of the largest survey firms in Quebec showed that support for the "charter of (racist) values" was at 66%, but higher still (71%) among those that would be considered by the PQ to be the "real" Quebecois, those for whom French (or the rustic yokelisms mixed with borrowed anglicisms that passes for "French" in Quebec) is their mother tongue.

"Ok, but.." you say, "I'm sure that if in ALBERTA, that evil den of conservative-voting illiterate cowboy evangelical christian white men, there was a similar theoretically-proposed law, it would have even MORE support!"
Actually, no.  A poll done by the Forum Research Group nationwide showed that BY FAR, the support for "legislation outlawing religious clothing and symbols such as hijabs, turbans and skullcaps from being worn by public employees" is VASTLY higher in Quebec than in any other part of Canada. 

As for redneck Alberta (the "texas of canada" and the constant hated enemy of Quebec embodying everything they dislike in their make-believe-progressive minds), it scored 39% support.  Which was in fact 1% less than in Ontario (the central English-speaking capital province, and usually considered the urbane center of English-speaking Canadian culture; who like to look down on westerners almost as much as the Quebecois do).  So in fact, Albertans are less racist than Ontarians. But they're WAY less racist than the Quebecois.  The numbers show, without a doubt, that the Quebecois are by far the Raciest Racists in Canada.

What's more, it seems support for the ethnic cleansing (now that the language-cleansing is complete) of government offices is growing. An earlier poll had support at 58% and now its up to 66%.  That's because the PQ is playing all the right moves in manipulating the idiot-buttons of separatist/"nationalist pride" (as in, pretending Quebec is a nation, not as in national Canadian pride). That's what this whole charter is about, after all: an intentional move to deepen rifts in Quebec society and promote racism among native Quebecois to try to push for another referendum on breaking up Canada.
The "Ethnic Vote" is the PQ's enemy in this, and the manipulation of the sense of "French" cultural superiority makes it very easy to imagine (after decades of playing on fears that the English-speaking Canadians would somehow "wipe out" Quebec "culture" even though we hadn't bothered to do so in 200 years thus far) that the idea of dirty unwashed "ethnic" foreigners coming in hordes to Quebec and seeking to outbreed (or worse, INTERbreed! Oh the humanity!) the natives until they steal their precious frenchness away from them is a menace to their way of life. And of course, the more than Anglos, Muslims, Jews, and the English-speaking press and the Canadian Federal Government speak up about how much of an utter atrocity this Quebec government's legislation is, the more that the PQ can create an "us vs. them" scenario.  But the blame falls squarely on the francophone population of Quebec, for WANTING to believe this bullshit scenario. 

And it all comes from a deep sense of cultural insecurity.  The rest of Canada is famously multicultural, and that's what they don't get about Albertans, for example.  Growing up in western Canadian cities, I was surrounded by Trudeau-era immigrants to Canada (shit, my parents WERE Trudeau-era immigrants, they just happened to be less conspicuous): from China and South Asia, from India and Pakistan, Sikhs and Muslims, Buddhists and Korean Evangelicals, lots and lots of Eastern Europeans and Latin Americans, a huge wave of immigration out of a US-Republican's worst Night Terror, to the point that Vancouver is no longer a majority-caucasian city. 
And while I'm not going to pretend that I never heard or saw racism, on the whole, multiculturalism WORKED.  Most Canadians loved the influx of new cultures and ideas and traditions and languages (and of course, foods!).  In Edmonton (Alberta's provincial capital) we even have a huge yearly festival to celebrate multiculturalism (as do many other Canadian cities).  And for anyone my age or younger (and I'm not that young; I mean anyone who's formative years were during or after the Trudeau years, from about 1969 onward), it was just normal. We didn't feel (and again, there are always unfortunate exceptions, but by "we" I mean the majority of us) "threatened" by immigrants or an "ethnic vote".  Mainly because we felt confident in our culture, and its ability to grow and prosper.

The Quebecois do not have that confidence in their culture.  For all their bluster, they fundamentally distrust their own ability to succeed as a culture.  Which is why they are a frightened and intolerant culture.  Its why having to interact with new cultures, new ideas, new traditions or new languages are all appalling THREATS to them, rather than something to be welcomed.   They imagine themselves surrounded by enemies, because they fundamentally do not trust that their own culture would be able to handle itself or prove worthy in an environment where there was an equal playing field.
Its kind of sad, really, and hopeless for them, in the long run. But in the short run, their ongoing campaign of persecution of both Quebec Anglophones (many of which have been families living in Quebec for over 200 years now) and of Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish minorities, is just grotesque and must be condemned by the world.


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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to simply *let* them secede and be done with it?

    1. Marco: the majority of the people of Quebec DO NOT WANT to secede. That's why you lost those referendums on separation, remember? Of course, you blamed Jews and "Foreigners" for that (including people who were born and died in Quebec, or even those nasty Indians who have been there since long before your glorious French peasant-stock ancestors came over to claim the land that was theirs). They ALL just hate the Quebecois and it's all their fault you can't be an independent third-world banana republic! It's definitely not because you are assholes with a toxic xenophobic culture.

    2. Of course, I should add: definitely not all Quebecois are bad people. Only the PQ fuckheads. There are no doubt many Quebecois who are very friendly. One or two of them were even truly remarkable human beings, like Pierre Trudeau.

    3. Trudeau, now that I think about it, was probably the most accomplished Quebecois of all time. No one else has come out of Francophone Quebec that has been so successful, famous or had such a large impact on the world. I'm sure Marco is a big fan.

    4. "They ALL just hate the Quebecois"

      Inacurate stuff is really your thing. I know many immigrants, and second generation immigrants who are not only in favor of separation of Quebec, but even members of PQ.

      As for the idea of separation of Quebec. Well at first, I think it is not the end, but just a way to sustain french speaking and french culture in North America. So yes I would vote yes to a referendum on the matter, but to me preserving and promoting french use in North America is the only thing that mathers in the end. So in absence of creating a country of our own, there is other options thing to do about the problem of assimilation.

      Plus, don't forget that a political option does not need the support of the majority of the population to exist. As long as they can meet the minimum requirements, a party can be formed and exist.

    5. I think you misunderstood sarcasm for a statement of fact. When I claimed that Immigrants all hate the Quebecois, I was expressing the point of view that the racist Quebecois separatists have, like for how they blamed immigrants and jews for failing to win the separation referendum.

    6. Again with "l'argent et le vote ethnique". I asked you before what is your proof for pretending that in this quote of a declaration of Jacques Parizeau what he meant to say by "l'argent" was in fact the jews and you never got back to me. Again, please, what is your proof for this assertion ?

    7. You're the worst kind of liar if you are bold-facedly pretending that wasn't what he meant. EVERYONE knows that's what he meant, because the Quebecois have spent DECADES blaming the Jews and "Jew Money" for their woes.

      Next you're going to pretend that the "Ethnic vote" really wasn't anti-immigrant!

    8. I see no proof. So who's the lyer now ? I can back everything I say. Could you ?

    9. And I would even add. I can back everything I say. And if I can't, I will retract. This is intellectual honesty. Are you intellectually honest ? Or in other word, a GOOD person ?

    10. Here's an article from shortly after the referendum that makes it clear that it was commonly understood that "l'argent" is a code-word for Jews. It also makes clear how the Quebec separatists have targetted and harassed Jews as punishment for what they feel is their 'evil plot' to stop them from gaining independence and turning into a 3rd world shit-hole:

    11. Oh, and if you want proof? Here's Parizeau being quoted in 2013 as saying that "money and the ethnic vote" specifically referred to the Canadian Jewish Congress:

      How's that for proof you racist anti-semitic piece of shit?

    12. Oh, and here is how Parizeau LIED to suit his needs: for an anglophone audience he explained his statement as just meaning "anglo" votes, but to a Quebecois audience he boldly explained that he meant Jews, and made a specific example of one Jewish neighbourhood where the separatists got no votes.

    13. Oh, and Bernard Landry is a racist fuck too:

      Here he was directly telling an immigrant woman that it was their fault.

    14. And it's not just the old guard from 20 years ago: Pierre Karl Peladeau, the current leader of the Parti Quebecois, is a racist too:

      There he is attacking immigrants for wanting to 'steal away' Quebecois racists' hopes of separation.

    15. And here he is hanging out with, endorsing, and praising a known terrorist with ties to anti-semitic radicalism:

    16. not that this is anything new, years ago, Peladau's dear old dad, the media mogul he inherited from and an ardent supporter of the PQ and separatism, had stated emphatically that Jews "Take up too much space in Quebec":

    17. Yeah, I noted the stupid statement of PK Peladeau a few months ago. Wich is why I didn't vote for him in the PQ leader's election. Thanks for puting light on those events. They tend to not be aknowledged in french-speaking Quebec community.

      As I said earlier, racism or anti-semetism or any of this type of things should never be tolerated. And the "charte des valeurs" was an ugly mess. I hope parties never try to repeat the mistake. I remember how racist people at the time felt like they were granted the right to pick on people waring religious symbols. I have in mind that particular man who was harassing a lady that was waring a veil. Here is the linck.

    18. Only detail. I didn't find that Parizeau meant "jews" by "money". But he meant instead "Greeks, Italians and the Jewish Congress" by "money and ethnic vote". Wich is not really better. In french news, journalists always say that he meant by "money" the illegal expenses that the "no" side did in 1995 for the separation referendum.

      Shit. Thanks for the aknowledgment of the situation. The separatist movement, and nationalist movement as well, needs to clean itself from this racist stuff before they even want to attempt to convince immigrants to embrace there cause. With facts like this, no suprise they don't want to hear a thing from them.

    19. As for the nickname "fuckheads", I can testify on this, the PQ as it's share of the kind. But saying all of people who vote PQ are "fuckheads" seems to me a bit excessive.

    20. Oh ! And a lot of people in the PQ are very glad Pauline Marois as left. Lots of us thought she was there only for the power. And the maneuvral she did with the charter, trying to use some rampant anti-difference sentiment in the population (espescially in the french-speaking one, sadly) to get elected as a majority was at best clumsy and stupid, and at worst totally selfish for her to get the power no matter if she destroys the image of the party for generations.

      She's gone now. Let's hope PKP got the message and won't try to capitalise on racism. In case of wich I make oath to not vote for PQ in the next election and not renew my card member.

      Thanks to you RPGPundit for opening my eyes to this racist shit. Sometimes an exterior eye helps see things you can't perceive from the inside.

    21. Difending your culture and language is a thing. But the end does not justify the means, as the old saying says.

    22. Hey, maybe the PQ could hire you as a consultant in political image-making/ strategist. You seem good at decoding the social pros and cons of political actions. Who knows.

    23. Wow. I'm a bit shocked at this. I had (maybe mistakenly) assumed that you were very much aware of the under-current of racism in the PQ, and were apologizing or maybe even supporting it.
      So it seems like not. If that brings you a change of heart, good. Maybe now you can understand why non-francophones totally distrust the PQ, why they're terrified at what it might be like to ever live in an 'indepdendent' Quebec where these people would be in charge and there'd be no higher law to protect their rights.

    24. Humm. Shit, remember what happened in Yougoslavia ? I don't know exactly in details what happened there. But i know it had a link with xenophobia an ethnic cleansing. I hope this type of shit never happens here. I never felt like it could happens here. But humans are the same everywhere and masses can easily be manipulated.

      India, an other British colony, have lived a period of savage ethnic killing. A friend from Pakistan told me the story. Basically, when the british army left, muslims and indos slutered each other. Something like 200 to 500 thousands people died. And then the Pakistan got separated from India.

    25. It is weird, there is a technical problem I think, when I try to post a comment, I clic on "publish", the page recharges, but my comment is just gone, zip, no traces of it. It happened to me twice yet. It gets me paranoid :) Now I copy everthing I write before clicking on publish loll

    26. This time it decided to work.

    27. Anyways, lot of work to do in french-speaking quebeckers society to get rid this nasty ugly thing called racism and xenophobia.

      International cooperation is certainly on of those ways. There used to be a lot of programs designed to send the youth out to poor countries. The main goal was to create sensibility in population to international cooperation, but it had the effect to sensibilise people to other cultures as well.

      Personnally I want to Burkina Faso and Mali (West Africa) for a 3 months internship. It helped me a lot understand what it is to go live in a different society with completely different cultural codes. It helps understand what immigrants can live when they arrive in our society.

      I really sympathize with immigrants who arrive here and have to start there lives all over again, with close to zero social network and in a completely different culture. It is really an ordeal the live arriving here.

      So I guess, if a lot of youth get involve in intenational cooperation, it may get people to open to other cultures.

    28. I agree that increasing the sense of cosmopolitan and multicultural interaction would be a really good thing. Pity that the provincialist PQ really doesn't want that, because xenophobia is a vehicle to their getting votes by making people afraid that their 'culture' or 'traditions' or 'language' will somehow be harmed by the cultures or languages of others.

    29. I think the problem is larger then just the PQ. The CAQ (non-separatist nationalist party) is also ridin the same train. No supprise the can't get even one deputy elected on Montreal island, the most cosmopolitan part of the province.

      Here you can find a map of last provincial election :

  2. maybe, but I believe in Canada. Also, on multiple occasions now, the majority of Quebec residents have stated they do NOT want to secede.

  3. I am very, very disappointed by the current actions of the government and oppose vigorously this violation of rights that unduly and needlessly targets certain groups.

    But I do note, once again, that your understanding of the realities and challenges that Quebec society faces is profoundly lacking.

    I will leave you with the following poem, which you won't be able to read because you're a privileged asshole.

    Speak white
    by Michèle Lalonde

    il est si beau de vous entendre
    parler de Paradise Lost
    ou du profil gracieux et anonyme qui tremble dans les sonnets de Shakespeare

    nous sommes un peuple inculte et bègue
    mais ne sommes pas sourds au génie d'une langue
    parlez avec l'accent de Milton et Byron et Shelley et Keats
    speak white
    et pardonnez-nous de n'avoir pour réponse
    que les chants rauques de nos ancêtres
    et le chagrin de Nelligan

    speak white
    parlez de choses et d'autres
    parlez-nous de la Grande Charte
    ou du monument à Lincoln
    du charme gris de la Tamise
    de l'eau rose du Potomac
    parlez-nous de vos traditions
    nous sommes un peuple peu brillant
    mais fort capable d'apprécier
    toute l'importance des crumpets
    ou du Boston Tea Party

    mais quand vous really speak white
    quand vous get down to brass tacks

    pour parler du gracious living
    et parler du standard de vie
    et de la Grande Société
    un peu plus fort alors speak white
    haussez vos voix de contremaîtres
    nous sommes un peu durs d'oreille
    nous vivons trop près des machines
    et n'entendons que notre souffle au-dessus des outils

    speak white and loud
    qu'on vous entende
    de Saint-Henri à Saint-Domingue
    oui quelle admirable langue
    pour embaucher
    donner des ordres
    fixer l'heure de la mort à l'ouvrage
    et de la pause qui rafraîchit
    et ravigote le dollar

    speak white
    tell us that God is a great big shot
    and that we're paid to trust him
    speak white
    parlez-nous production profits et pourcentages
    speak white
    c'est une langue riche
    pour acheter
    mais pour se vendre
    mais pour se vendre à perte d'âme
    mais pour se vendre

    ah !
    speak white
    big deal
    mais pour vous dire
    l'éternité d'un jour de grève
    pour raconter
    une vie de peuple-concierge
    mais pour rentrer chez nous le soir
    à l'heure où le soleil s'en vient crever au-dessus des ruelles
    mais pour vous dire oui que le soleil se couche oui
    chaque jour de nos vies à l'est de vos empires
    rien ne vaut une langue à jurons
    notre parlure pas très propre
    tachée de cambouis et d'huile

    speak white
    soyez à l'aise dans vos mots
    nous sommes un peuple rancunier
    mais ne reprochons à personne
    d'avoir le monopole
    de la correction de langage

    dans la langue douce de Shakespeare
    avec l'accent de Longfellow
    parlez un français pur et atrocement blanc
    comme au Viêt-Nam au Congo
    parlez un allemand impeccable
    une étoile jaune entre les dents
    parlez russe parlez rappel à l'ordre parlez répression
    speak white
    c'est une langue universelle
    nous sommes nés pour la comprendre
    avec ses mots lacrymogènes
    avec ses mots matraques

    speak white
    tell us again about Freedom and Democracy
    nous savons que liberté est un mot noir
    comme la misère est nègre
    et comme le sang se mêle à la poussière des rues d'Alger ou de Little Rock

    speak white
    de Westminster à Washington relayez-vous
    speak white comme à Wall Street
    white comme à Watts
    be civilized
    et comprenez notre parler de circonstance
    quand vous nous demandez poliment
    how do you do
    et nous entendez vous répondre
    we're doing all right
    we're doing fine
    are not alone

    nous savons
    que nous ne sommes pas seuls.

    Marion Poliquin

  4. Actually, I can read that just fine. Well, not just fine because its shitty French, but I can read French just fine. I lived in Paris for a while, and of course let's not forget that I took obligatory French lessons in public school for years to try to satisfy Quebec's demands, even though it was of no use to me in my own environment at the time (Anything from Ukranian to Urdu would have been more sensible) and even though I was already Bilingual.

    But here's the thing about your poem: the only people saying "Speak White" in Canada these days are the Quebecois.

    1. I sens you would like french-canada to exist but only under de condition it would have to be weak and take as little place as possible (like in all other provinces other then Quebec). Maybe that would explain why you hate Quebec so much.

      I fell on this article over the net :
      I think it helps to explain all this hatred.

      Personnally, I like english language, culture, people, etc. but I don't like when it becomes oppressive toward the expression of my own culture and identity. British Imperialism have led to a plethora of consequences. One of those is the thinking that english language is better than the others and because of this, it is more legetimate then the others to exist and be used. When in fact, it is just an question of luck it became so popular all over the world. It may easily desapeare in a few hundred years, just like latin in the roman empire. By the time of roman empire, latin was the most common laguage. No one speaks latin anymore, if it's not for some priests in Vatican.

      I hope english-canadian and french-canadian (or what ever they become politically, who knows what can happen in our lifetime) can get along one day.

      I know my english is bad, but I guess you figured out I'm a french-speaking québécois.

      Thanks for making this space available to discuss.


    2. It doesn't change the fact that Quebec culture is the most racist, and its government the biggest banana republic, in all of Canada. I like how as "Quebec Bashers" you include Mordecai Richler, who was born and lived his whole life in Quebec, and died there. But he doesn't count because he's just a Jew, right?

    3. As for what I would like: I would like for Quebec to be one province in Canada, having to operate by the same rules as every other province. And for the Quebecois to stop violating human rights, of which language rights and freedom of expression are a part.

    4. "I like how as "Quebec Bashers" you include Mordecai Richler, who was born and lived his whole life in Quebec, and died there. But he doesn't count because he's just a Jew, right?"

      In fact I didn't say a word about Mordecai Richler, but you may refer to the article of wikipedia I cited in my text. In this article Mordecai Richler is cited as the author of a book about Quebec and Canada wish is seen as anti-Quebec.

      I don't understand what you meen when you say : "But he doesn't count because he's just a Jew, right?" Can you explain clearly what you meant to say ?

    5. As for your second reply.

      "Quebec to be one province in Canada, having to operate by the same rules as every other province."

      All over the world there is provinces, territories or states, part of countries where specific languages are more spoken then the others and it changes "rules" on the day to day basis.

      For example, in the United States where english is the only language used in public schools in all 50 states, you can find the teritory of Porto Rico where public are using only spanish as language. This is explained by their demographic situation (98% of the population speaks spanish).

      But can you be more specific about the rules you would like to be the same in Quebec then in the other provinces ?

    6. I notice you don't specifically say that you DO count Richler as a citizen of Quebec.

      And what I mean by "you don't count him because he's a Jew", which you know exactly what I mean but I will explain for the benefit of Americans and others who might not be aware, is that the Quebec separatist movement is the most anti-semitic major political movement in North America today. The Quebecois separatists DESPISE the Jews living in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec, and see them as "traitors".
      When the separatists LOST the Referendum to separate in 1995, their leader Jacques Parizeau in his "concession" speech said that "the only reason we lost was Money and the Ethnic Vote".
      By the "ethnic vote" he meant immigrants, which the Quebecois hate. And by "Money", he meant JEWS.

      If an english-speaking politician were to say something like that, the uproar would be enormous. But the Quebecois think they're allowed to be racist fucks.

    7. In Puerto Rico, the official languages are Spanish AND English. And as you said, they're 98% spanish-speakers there.
      In Quebec, only 80% are primarily Quebecois-french speakers, and yet they BRUTALLY PERSECUTE the use of English, denying fundamental rights to 20% of the population.

      For "special rules": Quebec should not get to illegalize English, if it wants Official Bilingualism to be a policy of the rest of Canada (and force kids to learn French even in places where there isn't a french-speaking person for 1000km around, and where there are other languages it would be much less of a waste of time to learn) they should not get to turn around and forbid English.
      They should not get any special federal payments or additional benefits or favors from the federal government that other provinces don't get. Not any less, but not any more than any other Province gets, treated with exactly the same factors as any other province.

      Long ago, France LOST a war. More recently, Quebec separatists LOST every attempt at separation they pushed for, violently or by democratic means. Quebec is therefore just another province of the Dominion of Canada. You need to get over that.

    8. "I notice you don't specifically say that you DO count Richler as a citizen of Quebec."

      Indeed, if the man lived in Quebec he was a citizen of Quebec, there is no question about that.

      Please, can you help me on the subject of anti-semetism in PQ, can't find anything on the net that can back your saying.

      As for the declaration of Parizeau, it's just the same, no mention of jews what so ever.

      But if you have proofs, please show it to me.

    9. As a Quebecois might say, "mais of course, mon amis! je will demonstrer you!"

      Honestly, I'm shocked (shocked!) that your extensive search didn't find anything. I found all of the following in two seconds of a single google search on "quebecois anti-semitism". maybe you were searching on some French search-engine?

      Here is the last PQ premier of Quebec, the despicable monstrously corrupt and vile race-baiter Pauline Marois DEFENDING a PQ candidate who claimed that kosher food was a conspiracy to steal money from honest Quebecois business to stuff the coffers of greedy Rabbis:

      Now, over in horrible "redneck" Alberta, if any Conservative party candidate had started talking about perfidious greedy Jews taking money from honest Christians to fund their Synagogues and how Kosher food should be banned, I can think of no Premier in my lifetime who would not have fired that candidate on the spot; and the scandal would have cost them dearly at the polls.
      But that piece of shit Marois defended this other asshole, brazenly, and openly stood by her because she knows that the majority of the Quebecois, of her base, will warmly embrace such anti-semitism. Because the dirty little secret is that the Quebecois are VASTLY more racist, vastly more anti-semitic, and generally more ignorant and rustic than the average Albertan farmer they like to pretend they're so superior to.

      Here was the PQ saying that Jewish doctors who wear the kippa should be fired for not being Quebecois enough:

      Here is an excellent article about the struggles of the community of Montreal's Jews, who are being "ethnically cleansed" by the PQ intimidation tactics, language laws, and general Quebecois anti-semitism, driven out of the only place they've ever considered their home and feeling strongly pushed to emigrate to less racist parts of Canada:

      When the PQ first rose to power in Quebec, they drove out 40000 Jews, through intimidation and persecution, including the language laws that illegalized a lot of their culture. The Quebec Charter of Values, widely praised by a majority of francophone Quebecois, directly targets Jews on its hit list of people who's culture they want to prohibit:

      Note that this is from a generally pro-separatist website, trying to make excuses for Anti-semitism. It shows some shit that's so anti-semitic that it acts as proof for the prosecution instead:
      note in particular the anti-semitic cartoons. NO WHERE ELSE IN CANADA would this be considered appropriate.
      The website, which is supported by the PQ, once posted an article called "Are there any Quebecois Jews", claiming that Jews are not "true Quebecois" (not "pure lain", I guess).

      And some more general Quebecois anti-semitism on display:

      And not to Godwin, but there was no province in all of Canada where fascism was more popular in the 30s than in Quebec:

      So there you are, all those links from just the front 2 pages of a google search that took one second. I hope you get how shameful it makes your party and your culture look to normal people. I wonder if maybe your isolated xenophobia makes you incapable of realizing this?

    10. "A recent biography of Pierre Trudeau, long-serving prime minister of Canada, revealed that in his twenties even he was part of those fascist, nationalist, and anti-Semitic movements, before he evolved into a committed democrat and civil libertarian.[12]" quote from an article you just gave me (

      What where you saying about the man again ?

      "...the most accomplished Quebecois of all time."

    11. So tell me if I get you wrong. Being anti-semic is ok with you if the rest of the mindset of the person fits yours.

    12. The quote is from a website I specifically pointed out as a vile Quebecois-separatist extremist hate site that thinks Jews born and raised in Quebec are not "real quebecois", because they're not "pure wool".
      Since the Quebec separatists DESPISE Pierre Trudeau for having thwarted you at every turn, for having been one of the few Prime Ministers of Canada to have really had the balls to stand up to you, to have stopped your acts of TERRORISM when you were bombing and murdering people in the 60s, I don't think we can take very seriously anything that vigile says about Trudeau.

      And even then, the worst he manages to try to claim is that Trudeau may have believed stupid things as a young man before becoming sufficiently cosmopolitan and educated to stop being a provincial ignoramus racist.

      What's your excuse? When will you stop being anti-semitic?

    13. The only person I can hear from here making excuses is you excusing Trudeau for being anti-semit, because of it's young age. So what, is there a good age and a wrong age for being anti-semit ? What is the limit ? Before 18 yo ? 25 yo ? 30 yo ? I guess your limit is probably adaptable to the situation or the circumstances so you can have your point and LOOK like you won the argument.

    14. It was probably a product of the toxic culture he grew up with. He grew out of it, unlike most Quebecois. He became a champion of multiculturalism, whereas you and other Quebecois have become famous for your discrimination against racial, religious and language minorities.

    15. There you go. You are a dishonest person say dishonest things. It makes all you vomit a big lie. Maybe some people will believe it, probably the type of persons who are saying "Oh, it is true, I saw it on television !" But grown up human beings won't buy it.

    16. And yet I've posted tons of evidence of how the Quebecois culture in general and the PQ in particular is racist, xenophobic, and anti-semitic. So I think maybe its you who are the liar...

    17. I get that I'm fucking up your plan here. You wanted to come here and post Quebecois supremacist propaganda, in a blog post that's from 2 years ago, thinking no one would notice but people who searched would see your comments. And here I am, taking my time to shoot down your every point.

      Must be frustrated. How do you get the time to scour the internet looking for old articles that you can post Quebec Separatist rants to? Are you unemployed? Living off Canadian welfare?
      Or are you paid by the PQ?
      Or are you just a nutcase?

    18. All I say is you can't proof what you say. So basically, it's bullshit.

      If you have REAL informations to share, please do. I always like to learn.

    19. By the way, getting personnal only makes you look even more futile and vain then you already look like.

    20. Sorry, what exactly can I not prove? I've shown tons and tons of links PROVING Quebecois and PQ anti-semitism and racism. What else is there to prove? I've shown you a link that has Parizeau himself ADMITTING he meant Jews.

    21. And it isn't getting personal: I think it's relevant information. Why would you come post on a 2-year old blog entry? What do you do that gives you the time or motivation to do so?

      If you work for the PQ, that is ABSOLUTELY RELEVANT.
      If you're unemployed, then the fact that you are a separatist traitor to Canada who is at the same time availing himself off the money of the Canadian Government and people, that's also relevant.

    22. Oops ! My bad ! I didn't check at the right place on the page. Let me check on those pages and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

      And for the job. No I don't work for the PQ and no I'm not on welfare. I'm a school teacher. That is explaining the extra time in the summer :)

      And like I said before, thanks for making this space available to discuss. This is an important matter to talk about. Racism is a dirty thing and should never be tolerated.

    23. Interesting, because of course education has been an important part of the PQ war on language. In every other province in Canada, parents have the opportunity to freely choose whether to educate their children in English or French; there are public "french immersion" schools even in provinces where the Francophone population is incredibly small.
      But in Quebec, which has a large Anglophone population, the PQ governments have done everything it can to try to force parents to make their kids get educated in French, and not English. Francophone Quebecois parents don't even have a choice about it, they have to send their kids to a French school, potentially denying their children the enormous advantages that come in the modern world with being fluent in English. But the PQ has even tried to make it that Anglophone parents face bureaucratic nightmares in trying to get their kids educated in English; even trying to force military families who might be forced to relocate to other (English-speaking) parts of Canada to have to enroll their kids in French schools, with potentially disastrous results for those children's educational development and futures.

  5. The Charte des valeurs is vile, the PQ's electioneering is disgusting, and I'll never understand the Stockholm Syndrome from which French Canadians seems to suffer vis-à-via the Catholic Church. But this rant sure is some pseudo-informed bullshit.

    I'm not sure how you get to "one-tenth of Canada" unless you count administrative subdivisions and ignore the territories; the percentage of Francophones in Canada is about 23%, with about 20% inside Québec. And it's Ottawa you need to blame for the Official Languages Act, which was passed under Trudeau — whose immigration policies you lionize, and who was of course French Canadian — as the culmination of a process started by Pearson. Oh, I'm sure you know all this stuff; it just got in the way of the bile geyser.

    Your slander of Canadian French displays true ignorance of anything having to do with linguistics or sociolinguistics; and of course the more borrowing from English it contains the less tenable your assertion of rejection. On the other hand, your understanding of Québec's Charte de la langue française seems to actually, though barely, clear nil. Stupid shit happens, but "pogrom" is pure libel since no restaurants at all closed, and the inanity of the referrals got roundly denounced by everyone; the Supreme Court of Canada recognizes the advertising provision as complying with the Constitution; and your hypotheticals are fabricated, as ample provision is made for Anglophone Canadians, as well as the First Nations and Inuit. And of course all relevant jurisdictions everywhere restrict the language of education either de facto or de jure; the fact that jurisdictions in English-majority countries can do this de facto and still assume the anglicization of immigrants (usually total by the third generation, even in mosaic-land, and even in Québec) is a privilege granted by that language's status as the international lingua franca. Sniping at places that need to legislate in this matter (many of which — like, say, Catalonia — model their efforts on Québec's) exposes quite the hegemonic mindset.

    That glib "we hadn't bothered to do so in 200 years thus far" skips over things like the deportation of Acadians starting in 1755; the Act of Union banning French in parliament in 1840; the defunding of French-language schools (via the elimination of Catholic schools) in Manitoba in 1890 and the subsequent abolishment of French as an official language in that province; Ontario banning French in elementary education in 1912; Saskatchewan doing the same in 1931. There's a long history of policies, in British North America and then in Canada, aimed at confining French to Québec, abridging the rights of French Canadians elsewhere in repeated attempts to assimilate then. Of course Francophones in Québec developed a siege mentality. What else are you supposed to do when you're being besieged? You, RPGPundit, are, of course, free to retain the ignorance of the privileged and keep considering this stuff beneath your notice.

    Meanwhile your headline hopelessness is belied by yet another simple fact that you elide: opposition to the shameful Charter of Values among Francophones is concentrated in Montreal, where essentially all immigrants to Québec settle. There as in all other places, contact with the unfamiliar erodes racist intolerance. Still, if you bother to look up hate crime statistics, what you'll find is that the rate of reported hate crimes per 100k people is lower in Montreal and even in Quebec City than it is in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto.

    Hey! I have my own gratuitous and unsupported hypothesis: your rant exemplifies a deep insecurity running through English Canadian culture, which can't contemplate sharing a country with a multicultural province whose default language isn't English.

    In conclusion: your RPG stuff is top-notch, and "Arrows of Indra" is awesome. I'm grateful to you for that!

  6. Blah blah blah. All attempts to hide the fact that the only majority-oppressing-minorities today in Canada is the Quebecois. This is not a new story, either. Quebec separatism has always been rooted in extreme racism and antisemitism.

    "Pure lain", right? "pure wool", the only right people who the PQ want in quebec are Quebecois francophones of french blood. Never mind that there's proof of sikhs wearing turbans in Quebec since 1897, they are 'les autres' and have to be gotten rid of.

    And of course, the only reason the PQ-radicals think that Quebec isn't an independent and glorious third-world welfare-state shithole today is because (as your premier said) of "money and the ethnic vote". By "ethnic vote" read all those dirty anglos and dark-skinned immigrants; and by "money" of course he meant Jews.

    That's the wonderful tolerance of Quebecois society for you.

  7. As a Floridian , please do me one favor. Get them to stay in Quebec. They are an argumentative, insulting, loud arrogant and difficult people.

    1. Thanks for giving me a good reason to not go spend my money in Florida :) Especially now that the exchange rate is not that good ! :))))))))))) ! Viva Cuba !

    2. Something tikles my mind. Why do you spend time going over the Internet looking after hate stuff about Quebecers ? Did a bus full of old french quebecers ran over you grand-mother or what ?

  8. I'd heard a lot of complaints about Quebecois tourists when I was in France. I didn't realize they did the same thing in Florida.

    1. These quebecois are nothing but a bunch of losers!!! They dress funny act like a retard loves to follow people for no good reason. I'm from Ottawa and I say let them have their fucking Quebec... Good riddance

    2. Yes, yes and yes ! Now you get it. Please let us go !

    3. That's racist. Reading at the beginning made me understand your point but when I saw that you were judging almost all Quebecois, that is wrong RPGPundit. I am french canadian and do I almost desearve to die because I am one? French canadian culture do not represent nesseserly separatism and racism.

      abu uddin, you are only a racist peace of sh!t.

      Marco Lepetelleur, show the truth to your students. Don't make them ignorants. As the f***ing quebec government want you to do so. But seperation isnt a solution. It would just make both Canada and Quebec to a total loss, both of immigration and economie.

  9. Hey your RPG stuff is great but maybe you should have a different site for all your race-related and political rants.

    1. Quebecois is not a race. It's also not a nationality.

  10. Le dominion du Canada mdr!! Un loyaliste qui fait la morale au Québec �� Qui ose même comparé la culture Québécoise à celle inexistante du ROC .... �� Arrête j'en peut plus ��

    1. Your culture sucks and you are not and will never be a country.

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