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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Raiders of R'lyeh is shooting high in the last 24 hours And The Pundit Will Come to Your House!

We've got less than one day until the Raiders of R'lyeh kickstarter is done (and then I promise I'll shut up about it for a while), but its going like crazy.

I had started this blog entry writing that we were approaching the $26K mark but now we've just zoomed past it.  And this unlocks  (as soon as Quentin Bauer gets off his duff) a new backer level that will potential be of interest to you, my proxies!

It is called "You Get ALL THE BOOKS and the Pundit Comes To Your House!"

Yes, for only one lucky customer, at the backer level of $4000, you will get the awesome Raiders of Ryleh hardcover in sewn binding with stamped gold foil cover, both main colour pdfs, all the stretch goal and exclusive PDFs (Arkham Societies of Psychical Research, Arkham Occult Societies, Secrets of the Sargasso, Baron Ferenczy), the map packs, AND you will have me, the RPGPundit, fly to your town or city and a game of Raiders of R'lyeh (or, if you prefer, Arrows of Indra or Lords of Olympus) in your home for you and up to 6 of your friends/gaming group.  I will also, if you so desire, sign your copies of the RoR main book, the Occult Societies book, your copies of Arrows of Indra, Lords of Olympus or "Forward... to Adventure!", and your cat; I will either smoke my pipe in your house or viciously complain about not being able to smoke my pipe in your house; I will perform the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in your living room, cast the runes at you and your friends, eat a disproportionate amount of your snacks, sing Uruguayan folk songs to you, and call one person of your choosing a Swine.

So, get ready, because this offer comes but once, and only to he who is fastest on the reload button. Watch for when Quentin offers it, so that you can scoop it up and push Raiders to the $30K mark and the very cool $30K stretch goal (though the one after that I think would be the cooler still! Let's see how far we can get this baby!).


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(note: Some location restrictions might apply based on countries that would not let me in.  Game can be run in English or in Spanish. Cat signing depends upon  cat's propensity to scratch when being written upon. Uruguayan folk songs will not be sung in proper tune. Rune castings do not guarantee results. Disproportionate snack eating dependent on nature and quality of snacks)


  1. Well, the KS is closed now, and a very good success it was; but no one took up the last minute offer. I didn't seriously expect it to happen, but I think it was quite the publicity stunt!