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Wednesday 18 September 2013

A Proposal for the Good People of Quebec

So in a follow up to my earlier blog entry about the Extremely-Racist, So Racist Its Ridiculous Charter of "Quebec Values", it has since that time become increasingly clear that the list of approved and non-approved items has fallen along very strictly ridiculously-Racist lines.  Yes, you're not allowed to wear a huge honking cross around you neck, but you can wear a little one (which is what most christians might do), or a Jesus pin (as long as its in French!), and of course the Quebec legislature can keep its HUGE HONKING CROSS that it has in the national assembly room; and all the other various crosses that litter the public landscape. 
They get to keep all these because these are "Quebec traditions".  But if you wear a kippah or a hijab, that's an an "affront to our secular values".  

So I was wondering: what would happen if everyone in Quebec who was opposed to this monstrous Charter, who realizes just how much it humiliates the province of Quebec and the ethnically-Quebecois people in the eyes of the world, and feeling embarrassed about this or outraged over it want to do something to oppose it... what would happen if all these people started to wear Kippahs or Hijabs?

Besides the obvious boost to the kippah-and-hijab-retail-industry, that would go a long way toward making a farce on the ground of the PQ's absurd posturing wouldn't it?

I'll just throw that idea out here and hope it catches on...


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  1. If the United States ever annexed Canada, we'd probably leave Quebec out of the deal. Just because.