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Monday 23 September 2013

Raiders of R'lyeh Stretch Goals

So Raiders of R'lyeh has a couple of more days to go in its Kickstarter, and Quentin Bauer has revealed some of the additional stretch goals.

The Sargasso Sea and Baron Ferenczy sourcebooks are done!

We're now approaching a stamped gold-foil hardcover at 24K!

At 25K, the book gets a 1910-style Dust-jacket with a cheat-sheet on the inside!

If it gets to 27K, there'll be the creation of a "deluxe" Online SRD, with a monster generator!  NPC and adventure generators would be added at the later levels of funding.

And along the way (not really a "stretch goal" exactly, I think Quentin just wanted to tease it..) if the funding hits 26K, there'll be an exclusive unlocked for a single backer, involving me flying to someone's house and running a game for them.

Incidentally, look for something big at $30K funding; I don't know if we'll get there, but I sure hope so.


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