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Saturday 14 September 2013

Cthulhu: The Occult World 1910

I figure that Quentin Bauer won't care if I tell people about this, so long as I also pimp his excellent game, Raiders of R'lyeh, the Kickstarter of which is currently nearing the "fully funded" stage.

I've been crazy-busy this past week in part (among other excessive writing commitments) I've been writing a section that will appear in the Setting Material for RoR; which will detail the state of affairs in occultism circa 1910; all the material will be based on real-life historical occultism.  It will include details on groups, celebrities of the occult world, occult philosophies, metaphysical theories, and practices, as well as a list of what kind of books occultists and practicing magicians would have been reading at the time.
I'm not quite done yet, but thus far we're looking at around 17 pages of material; at the moment, this is entirely setting-material (that is, no mechanics) but that might change (its up to Quentin).

So, my question to my readers out there (particularly CoC fans) is: how much "real occultism" do you want in your Cthulhu game? 
And importantly, do you prefer that the kind of "magick" occultists practice be something that is 100% useless in the Cthulhu Mythos world, or only about 90% useless?


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  1. Lots, please.

    As an aside, have you ever read Ken Hite's work on occultism, specifically for GURPS but also his general articles? What do you think of his work? I loved GURPS:Cabal, but it's almost too dense to use in any meaningful way with any group short of hard-core occultism junkies.

  2. I have read GURPS:Cabal, and I thought it wasn't bad. I haven't read any of Hite's general articles on occultism if that's what you're talking about.

    I think a "real occultism" RPG would be very hard to do; fortunately "Raiders of R'lyeh" won't be that, of course.