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Thursday 26 September 2013

Post-KS Crash

So, now that the Raiders of R'lyeh kickstarter is done, and very successfully so, it seems that my body got the unconscious signal that it was finally OK to pay the toll for several days of very little rest, and today I utterly crashed into a very bad cold.

Still, I wanted to mention that the KS did really well, and that if you missed it, you can still buy into the Raiders game (just follow the link above to see the details).  Its one last chance to get in on it with the backer prices; after that, prices may vary, who knows?

Meanwhile, my work on Raiders will still continue for a while; I have more Consulting to do on the final version of the rules, and some more writing to do too (on my Occult Societies module as well as some material in the main book).

But if any of you out there are looking for an RPG consultant, do let me know.


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