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Sunday 22 September 2013

Raiders of R'lyeh Fully Funded!

Yes, I wouldn't say it was a perfect Kickstarter; it was the first one I was (peripherally involved in) and it was Quentin Bauer's first too; and we made a few errors, but the awesomeness of the game itself has gotten in there.

Raiders of R'lyeh is now fully funded and will definitely be happening.

But its not over yet.  There's three more days of funding to go in the Kickstarter, and there'll be more opportunities for ongoing funding after that (more about that later); and now I've been told by Quentin that there will be some stretch goals, due to be posted just about any time now, which (if reached) will make RoR even more awesome.  Starting with the hardcover main book itself.  I don't want to give it all away, but if we hit the first couple of stretch goals RoR is likely to be the nicest-looking Cthulhu-related RPG hardcover rulebook ever, and one of the nicest RPG books period.

Keep an eye out for some new "exclusives" backer levels too.  I can't promise anything, but there may be some new surprises there worth seeing!

I'll probably be writing more about all this tomorrow and Tuesday, but in Kickstarter-land 24 hours is an eternity, so I would strongly suggest you go to the KS page itself and watch it for updates!


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