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Thursday 5 September 2013

Time To Start Anew

So it looks like Xanga has bit the dust; sort of. After threatening to close down completely the owner started a fundraising drive to "update" Xanga.  This was achieved, only now the new "Xanga 2.0" will only be restoring the blogs of people who pay for premium membership.

Let's think now: I could continue on blogging at what was, let's face it, the equivalent in 2013 of using Altavista as your search engine, AND pay for the privilege, or I can choose this moment to migrate my blog to a new destination. Which is it going to be?

So let's start out this new blog with a quick note saying: Fuck you, Xanga.

So here is where I hope to be from now on, if all goes well. And it is of course my plan to keep things going more or less like before.  Maybe it was a good moment to change, though.  I feel like as my career as a writer of and about RPGs has evolved, my opinions have too.  Maybe we'll see some change here.  If nothing else, it feels like the shedding off of some dead weight.


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  1. Thanks! Please spread the word.

  2. I'm also moving my blog formerly hosted by Xanga to Blogger. Fuck them; now that Blogger's integrated into Google+, getting readers notified of updates is really easy.

  3. Yeah, its pretty crazy of the Xanga guy to think that he can start charging money for something much bigger, better blog sites do for free, and this is somehow going to save his business.

  4. The blogger interface is pretty nice. I think you'll dig it

  5. I've been on blogger for over four years and it's been simple and without drama. As said above, the Google/G+ integration is a huge plus.