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Thursday 19 September 2013

Raiders of R'lyeh author Quentin Bauer on #rpgnet Chat Tonight!

So, tonight Quentin Bauer, the author of "Raiders of R'lyeh" will be attending #rpgnet chat where the excellent Dan Davenport will be interviewing him.

I'll note that #rpgnet chat is in no way connected to the 'rpgnet' forum, which you know I'd never support.  Its an independent old-timey (IRC?) chat.  Anyways, to login just click the link above, choose a nickname and click "Connect". 

You'll have a good time!  Its your chance to answer any questions you might have about the awesome EdWeirdian RPG "Raiders of R'lyeh"! You'll be motivated to support the Raiders Kickstarter! You'll make the Pundit happy!

The fun starts at 5pm Pacific.


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