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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Lords of Olympus Turns 1!

Today we just happily recollect that it was a year ago this week that Lords of Olympus came out (after a long, long wait) on PDF.  Its a year old now, and its been a very good year.  I'll take the moment to thank everyone who's had an interest in the game (especially those who bought it of course; and if you haven't you can buy it here).
In case this is the first you've heard of it, click the link above too.  Lords of Olympus is a Diceless RPG, based on the original Diceless RPG, which allows the players to portray the children of Olympian Gods (or Titans, or Primordials, or Heroic Mortals, etc.), in a multiversal setting full of intrigue and dynastic conflict.  The book is available in black and white or in gorgeous colour (PDFs in colour), and features complete and detailed rules as well as considerable setting information and probably the most detailed list and information about Greek deities ever compiled for an RPG.
So please give it a look. Thanks; and thanks to all those who have been fans already!
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