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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Gaming Tavern Aftermath

I'm back.

Man.  There's something, a feeling about spending a few hours in a room full of people, most of whom have never met you before, who are just showering you in adulation.

I was like "don't let it get to your head... don't let it get to your head.... don't... aw, fuck it! I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!"

It was awesome. I have to say, celebrity is just about one of the best drugs in the world.  And I should know, I've tried quite a lot of them.

Oh yeah, my Dark Albion game started out really well. So did the Lords of Olympus game next door, by the sound of it.  So did the couple of hours I held court after the game was done. So did the amazing crew at the geek-themed bar (MXM, on the historic Tristan Narvaja street, not that far from place) who were hosting the event.  They were very nice to me. Everyone was.

It's like I'd just played a rock concert or something. I come home now in triumph, feeling like I was 12 years younger, no worse for wear other than a slightly hoarse throat.

I'll definitely be back there in a couple of weeks when they run it again.


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  1. Sounds like fun. Who ran Lords of Olympus and why no Arrows of Indra?

    1. A Uruguayan gamer ran it. I guess no one ran Arrows because there wasn't someone around who thought of it. It's not like the night was meant to be Pundit-themed or something. There were lots of other games being played besides that.

    2. Not any Uruguayan Gamer...the guy who runs the TabernOrca :) A big fan of Lords of Olympus, who's been running a whole campaign for over a year and had so many people asking him for a second one that he made the second one in the new TabernOrca.

    3. Fair enough. I didn't want to name names without asking. It looked like the start of a great campaign.