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Monday 18 December 2017

Crazy (Spanish) Wizards, also Lion & Dragon Keeps Kicking Ass

I haven't yet found a full review of Lion & Dragon, but I've had a lot of feedback and people sure seem to be liking what they see!  Plus, it's now on its second week on RPGnow's top-10 Bestselling Titles list AND the top ten Hottest Small Press list!

(also available on Lulu!)

In other news, RPGPundit Presents #11: Crazy Wizards is now out in Spanish on DTRPG (as well as on Precis Intermedia's own shop).
Now, Crazy Wizards is more gonzo, so you might not be so much into that if you're looking for Lion & Dragon stuff. Medieval-Authentic 'crazy wizards' are of a different sort.

BUT, if you like Lion & Dragon's magic system, you will definitely want to check us out tomorrow, when I'll be releasing "Two More Medieval-Authentic Magical Grimoires", providing new magic for Lion & Dragon or for any other OSR game.  Stay tuned!


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