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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Everybody Loves "Lion & Dragon"! Also, Check Out "Crazy Wizards"!

So the update in brief: yesterday, Lion & Dragon was released for sale on OBS, and it has been a big success!

I personally saw it get as far as #2 on the Bestselling Titles list on RPGnow (it's now at #3, for the moment). Clearly, people were excitedly anticipating this OSR game of Medieval Authentic Roleplaying.  Some for it's non-vancian magic system based on real medieval occultism, some for its details on folklore, culture, etc.; and some for its full on grittiness (one fan described it as "Nightmare Iron-Man Survival Mode", though that's really not how I would describe it... maybe its how someone not used to Old-school might, though).

So if you haven't picked it up yet, go check it out! You only THINK you're playing "medieval fantasy" until you play Lion & Dragon!

But that's not all for today! I know that not everyone is a fan of Medieval-Authentic hyper-realist emulation.... some of you prefer Gonzo!

Lucky for you, I love them both, so today we also have just released RPGPundit Presents #11: Crazy Wizards!

Jeez, seriously? We've done 11 of these already?

Anyways, "Crazy Wizards" is a collection of a brief biography of 10 different utterly Crazy Wizards! You get their backstory, and each one comes with either a new spell, a new magic item, or more!

There is:
Fuxi and his Plastromancy spell (material component: setting a turtle on fire)

Shivarud and his Death Dance

Tyanus and his Rainbow Transfiguration

Joe the All-Powerful and his stolen magic items

Plantina, Mistress of Spiders

Master Dong, and his Eight-Element Circle of Reflection

Manny the Neutral, and his Cone of Neutrality

Gabal Godkiller and his Aura of Menace

The Sea Priestess and her table of random swords

Honorius III and his Grimoire

So go check out "Crazy Wizards" on DTRPG for just $1.99! Or the Precis Intermedia store for the same price.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. Crazy wizards ?
    Is there any other kind ? ;-)

    1. Boring wizards, I guess.

      These ones aren't boring. They all have great stories that serve as a vehicle to the highlight they come with.