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Friday 15 December 2017

More Info on Lion & Dragon!

So as of today, Lion & Dragon continues to do great on RPGnow! It managed to remain in the top 5 of the Bestselling Titles, and it got as far as #3 today in the best small press.

I figured I should share with you some answers to questions asked over on the threads about L&D on theRPGsite.

One thing some people wanted to know is just what type of D&D Lion & Dragon is based on.

Well, the answer is really none.  It's not strictly speaking cloning any specific TSR edition of D&D. The system is very very different. Characters do not gain set abilities when they level. In the same style as Arrows of Indra, characters can either roll twice from a table for their class or choose once, to see what bonuses they gain when they level.

Here's a few other interesting details about L&D:

-The magic system is totally non-Vancian and based entirely on how real magic was supposed to/thought to work in the medieval period (taken from actual medieval grimoires).  Social class is a very important factor in gameplay. Characters start out as 0-level and have background skills based on their social class and family careers. There's also background events.

-The mechanics of the game aside from magic are not radically different from D&D, albeit with some innovations. Most notably (aside from magic), actual parrying rules that make shields do what they're supposed to do.

-Armor and weapons are based on correct armor for the (late medieval) period. So stuff like brigandine, and not 'leather armor'.

-Magic items, most of which are quite rare, tend to be limited-number or unique objects all based on actual medieval folklore. The monsters are based on actual medieval folklore too.

-There's also an appendix at the back which has random tables for generating encounters/adventures in frontier areas.

So, that gives you a  bit more information about what you can expect from Lion & Dragon. As you can see, it is a new twist on third-wave OSR.  It isn't just another clone. Instead, it's highly innovative within the OSR mold, and designed specifically to emulate Medieval-Authentic worlds of play.


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