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Sunday 24 December 2017

Where to Chat About Lion & Dragon

Well, the short answer is, really, you could talk about Lion & Dragon anywhere!

But if you're interested in talking about L&D somewhere that I might see you, and answer your questions or comments, here's the places to check out:

1. On theRPGsite: You can always just start up a thread of your own there, obviously. But there's also some existing threads directly about or related to L&D going on right now:

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Lion & Dragon Already Has Supplements 

Everybody Loves Lion & Dragon

How Powerful Are Lion & Dragon Characters?

Lion & Dragon Comes Out!

What do the Medieval-Authentic PC Party Do? 

2. On Google+:  We have, on Google+, the "Dark Albion + Lion & Dragon Community", a G+ community that's dedicated to everything in my Medieval-Authentic series of works.

So, check those out, and let me know if you see discussion about L&D elsewhere!


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