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Tuesday 5 December 2017

My Newest Supplement is Literally "The Kitchen Sink!"

Yes, you too can now have a mechanic to not just install a Kitchen Sink in your dungeon, but to make it interesting, fun and potentially rewarding and/or lethal for your players!

RPGPundit Presents #10: The Kitchen Sink is a guide to a feature every dungeon should have. Also works for fountains, bubbling pools and other water-related architectural features. But it's just way more fun if it's a literal sink.

For just 99 cents you get 7 pages of random charts and tables to make unique and weird kitchen sinks, including where they are, what they look like, what's in the sink, what's in the drain, what the faucet does, and what comes out of the faucet. You are almost guaranteed never to get the exact same sink twice! Surprise and entertain your players for hours, with a product you'll be able to use over and over again, for less than the cost of a coffee!

You can purchase The Kitchen Sink now, at DTRPG or at the Precis Intermedia Store.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. Lolololololo XDDDDDD

    Yes I also played Nethack mister pundit

    1. Then you'll probably love this supplement!

  2. "Mechanic"? you'll have the plumbers union all over you ...

  3. Finally... a Pundit supplement for me!

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