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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Lion & Dragon ALREADY Has Supplements; "Two More Medieval-Authentic Grimoires" Is One of Them

Lion & Dragon is a totally new way of looking at OSR Play. It's totally recognizable as D&D, but it's also a radically different style and form, with different ways to handle classes, magic, etc.; and with all it's implicit-setting elements being based on REAL medieval history, real medieval folklore, or real medieval legend. Plus, the magic system is totally new, a mostly-ritual-based system DIRECTLY taken from REAL medieval magical texts

But you might already know all of that. You might have already bought Lion & Dragon.

Did you know that you can also already buy sourcebooks for Lion & Dragon?

Take my newest supplement, for example.  RPGPundit Presents #12: Two More Authentic-Medieval Grimoires is NEW material (not found in L&D or anywhere else) that details two magical grimoires based on real medieval texts, that introduce new magical techniques to add to your L&D magister.

Of course, it can also be used with any other OSR game! Just like L&D's magic system as a whole can, either as a supplement to or a replacement for Vancian-casting.

RPGPundit Presents #12 isn't the only book in this series that is essentially a supplement for L&D. There's also The Goetia (a collection of demons for summoning), The Child-Eaters (an adventure set-up), Three Medieval-Authentic Grimoires (more grimoires which add new magical powers to wizards), and The Book of the Art of Hours (yet another grimoire).

So there you are. There's actually already FIVE existing supplements for Lion & Dragon, and with the RPGpundit Presents series, there will be many, many more. This will be a supported product.

Two More Medieval-Authentic Grimoires is available on DTRPG, and also on the Precis website, either way for just 99 cents!  If you like Lion & Dragon, you'll really want to check this book out.
And if you've bought any of the RPGPundit Presents products listed above, and liked them, you really will want to check out Lion & Dragon!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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