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Thursday 21 December 2017

Get Your Lion & Dragon for Christmas, at 20% Off!

So, it's not really our own doing, but I've found out that you can now get Lion & Dragon with a big discount if you buy it between now and the 26th.  But only if you get it on Lulu.

You see, Lulu right now is offering a 20% discount code, which I believe you put in at check-out. The code is: LULU20

Oh, and one more thing: up until yesterday, it seems that the Lulu hardcover's details accidentally listed the language of Lion & Dragon as "French". Maybe because it has a French publisher?

Anyways, no. Definitely not. Lion & Dragon, whether you buy it at Lulu or over on RPGnow (where it's still in the top 10 bestselling titles, and #3 in the Small Press list), Lion & Dragon is written in English.

Anyways, check it out!


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