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Sunday 31 December 2017

Review 2017: The Year We Started Making Things Great Again

So it's time to think a bit about the past year. For me, on the whole, it's been pretty fantastic. Every year has its ups and downs of course, but in this year on a personal level, I think I've had more fun and laughed more than I have in my entire life.

Also things that matter a little less: I've made probably the most money (maybe 2016 was better, but it's pretty close) than ever before. I've gotten to travel, learned a lot of new things, met some great new people, discovered friends I never knew I had, and got to see enemies all over laid low.

For me, on a personal level, I guess this would be the Year of The RPG. I've had (silver-bestseller) Cults of Chaos, The RPGPundit Presents series, and now Lion & Dragon (which became a Copper Bestseller in under 2 weeks). I've published more RPG stuff this year than ever before.

In the bigger scale? Well, I think that 2017 will be known as The Year The Entire Left Went Insane.
The whole Left throughout the western world went completely crazy in November 2016, and have remained completely hysterically mad ever since.  And getting periodically worse at moments when reality keeps confronting their narrative bubbles, like when they're forced to accept that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, or that women in Iran hate wearing the hijab which is a sign of religiously-backward oppression.

(Just in case you're a leftist, and only read major news media, you may have no idea that right now hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in Iran to try to overthrow the corrupt Islamist regime there, praising western style democracy and being supported by Donald Trump... Justin Trudeau of course spoke up in defense of the Ayatollah's government instead. Anyways, that's a picture of a woman, a REAL FEMINIST -not the kind who live on tumblr or g+ and complain about how female clerics look too slutty in old-school D&D- tearing off her Hijab in defiance of the theocratic Islamist government, and of western feminists who want to pretend that theocratic Islam is "progressive" and "the most feminist religion" and that hijabs are "an empowering choice for women". That woman was later arrested and may be dead now, fighting for her actual freedoms against tyrants instead of fighting against free speech and for tyranny like western feminists do)

2017 was the year where you literally couldn't write satire about the Left anymore. How could any headlines you could make up as a joke equal these absolutely real headlines from major Leftist media sources??

(Thanks to Orwell & Goode for compiling these!)

The insanity has proven, however, to not really be a successful strategy for stopping the right or the Trump movement or achieving anything productive whatsoever. I know, right? Who'd have thunk it?? Who would have imagined that screaming at the sky and wearing hats shaped like vaginas would utterly fail to stop Trump from becoming President, or from having a better fiscal year than Obama did in all his 8 years of office, in making the biggest tax reform in recent history, in standing up to the U.N. to great popular support, and now in providing world leadership that was sorely lacking before to oppose the Iranian regime?
Who would have imagined that having absolutely no coherent evidence and lying a ridiculous amount wouldn't succeed at impeaching Trump, and that actors and comedians who did nothing for decades about serial sexual assaults in their own culture lecturing the rest of us about how evil we are has led to us not giving a fuck what any of them think anymore?

It's far from over, but this is the year we started to win back territory in a very real way in the culture wars. Marvel comics 2-year experiment with shitting all over anyone who actually likes comics in the name of feminism/lgbt/racial identity-politics has ended with a new editor being brought in who just cancelled the vast majority of their pet characters' comics. And perhaps more importantly, their campaign to try to get him fired for being an evil racist white straight man FAILED.

Movies, TV shows, novels, and games which had been taken over by the totalitarian Left have, one after the other this year have been facing horrific plummeting sales because everything they produce is utter garbage. Their efforts to impose censorship in colleges and universities have, for the first time, been met with intense and serious opposition from people who are sick of being told what they're allowed or not allowed to read or who they may or may not listen to, based on the dictats of some blue haired obese lesbian who shows no outward evidence of having even the slightest sense of self-control and yet demands to get total control over all our lives.

There's a lot of ground yet to go, but this was, as Churchill once said, "the end of the beginning".

And since the Left just keeps doubling-down on its ever increasing psychotic break from any sense of reality, keeps betting everything on racial/gender/sexual identity politics, and on opposing everything Trump stands for to the point of now being pro-Iran, and keeps on cheering for violent totalitarian sociopaths publicly using major media to call for political murders or racial segregation or even genocide, that means that they're going to keep losing, and looking like a laughing stock.

So I sincerely hope 2018 will be the year that we laugh even harder.
All my best to you and yours in the coming year, and may you all benefit from the blessings that only our civilization, our western values, and freedom of speech can provide us all. Even the gift of having the freedom to look like a complete retard while you howl impotently in utter denial of reality.


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  1. Happy new year, you right-wing lunatic !

  2. Happy New Year, from a leftie to a rightie! :D

    Hopefully the protests in Iran will inspire its neighbours and we will see similar actions being taken against Assad, Hussain and the Sauds.

  3. Happy New Year, and Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité to you, from someone who believes that without the first one the other two are meaningless.

    On a side note : do you have plans at some point to expand L&D for higher level play, with domain building rules and crusades and stuff, or do you feel the genre is already well served with ACKS for example (or would this be just to anoraky for you) ?

    1. There are rules for managing Noble Houses and mass-combat in Dark Albion.
      I might at some point remake those same rules as a separate mini-supplement in the RPGPundit Presents line, but why in the world wouldn't you want to get Dark Albion?!