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Friday 22 December 2017

TheRPGsite is One of The Top-10 RPG Websites, According to a Very Dubious List

So, theRPGsite is a pretty big success. It's been around for well over a decade now, has thousands of members, hundreds and hundreds of posts per day, and a generally engaged community. Most importantly to me, it has remained true to the commitment to being a place where Free Speech is strongly valued.

But a couple of days ago someone pointed me over to this site, which has a list of "the top 100 RPG websites and blogs".
According to them, theRPGsite is the 7th best RPG website... in the world.

Mind you, I find this list a bit dubious. I'm pretty sure it was made with some kind of weird algorithm. I also think it's probably pretty inaccurate. It's #1 choice is another site called the "RPG site" (not to be mistaken with theRPGsite), which isn't even about tabletop RPGs (it's a video-game site).
Their #3 spot is another video-game site.

And their #4 choice is not even about RPGs at all, it's a left-wing pro-antifa political forum!

Also, according to this webpage, ENworld only makes "about 17 posts per week". That means that theRPGsite is way ahead of them, making "about 21 posts per week" (according to the webpage).

Of course, that's not true. At theRPGsite I sometimes make 21 posts in an hour, all by myself.  And however bad things might have gotten at Enworld, I'm pretty sure they still do more than 3 posts a day.

But hey, publicity is publicity!

Anyhow, the real point of this blog is to remind you that if you haven't checked it out yet, or haven't been there in a while, come visit us at theRPGsite!  Especially if the other places you've been posting about RPGs hasn't been working for you.  We're definitely a place with a "wild west" atmosphere, but absolutely everyone is welcome so long as they're wanting to talk about RPGs in a free and equal playing field!


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  1. With EN World they are likely talking about posts in their news feed... News & RPG Reviews and the like.