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Tuesday 6 March 2018

13 Cursed Artifacts of Renown!

In today's RPGPundit Presents, we're looking at "13 Cursed Artifacts of Renown"!  For just $1.99 you get a list of 13 objects, with their history and magical properties.  Almost all of them are in some way valuable or powerful or tempting, useful to the characters in other words.  This is, to me, the sort of cursed item I love.

I mean, isn't that way better than an object that the player is desperate to get off his PC? Something that just feels like a punishment?
Most of these objects are the kind of thing that SOME PCs will want nothing to do with, others will dive right into, but most will be very unsure about once they learn of it's curse, but still not sure if it's not worth it to keep gambling on the item's utility.  That is a great cursed item, in my book!

You get:

-The Apple of False Immortality: which will make you ALMOST immortal, in a way that might really screw you or might not.

-The Assassin's dagger: it's doubly tempting!

-The Beehive Mace: a useful low-level magic weapon, but with a predictable twist

-The Copper Jar of Al-Mag: a twist on the classic monkey-paw scenario

-The Accursed Chair of Thomas Ap Sean: super useful if you're not the one sitting on it.

-Domitian's Knuckle-Bone: are you holy enough to survive using it?

-The Dybbuk Box: Huge power, and all it costs is your humanity

-The Executioner's Skull: How sure are you that someone's guilty?

-The Helm of Neptune: can you use it just enough that it won't completely screw you?

-The Ring of Senicianus: Great Power with a really annoying hassle to deal with

-The Soul Bell: An eastern-based item from a horror story

-The Violet Diamond: You could just sell it, if you're not creative...

-The Warrior Mask: when you really really need to win a fight, even if it costs you everything

Unlike most of the RPGPundit Presents books, this one is just on that edge between medieval-authentic and Gonzo. It could really be used just as well for either.  So whether you're playing DCC or Lion & Dragon or any other kind of D&D,  you can bring these objects into your campaign!

Pick up "RPGPundit Presents #22: 13 Cursed Artifacts of Renown" at DTRPG, or on the Precis Intermedia Store!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. The Beehive Mace is like the Hornet Mace Bill got from good old Serzrakahn?

  2. "The Dybbuk Box: Huge power, and all it costs is your humanity."

    Small price to pay. What's humanity ever done for us?

    1. Bill wants that box, he has no humanity left anyways XD

    2. Well, you could also say: Huge power but it will also get your character into huge trouble on a regular basis.

  3. That's the standard of our DCC campaign ;)

    Characters getting in huge trouble on a regular basis :D

    And we love it :D