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Thursday 1 March 2018

Lion & Dragon Q&A: What Can You Use L&D For If You're Not Going to Run It?

So, for today, a question about Lion & Dragon that originated on therpgsite:

I have a question and this thread seems as good a place as any. As a big honking fan of Dark Albion and its supplements...what is there about Lion & Dragon I *need* to have, bearing in mind I don't have much use for another original fantasy system in these dark days of the Last Age of Man.

Good question!
So, if you're not planning to use the whole system, there's still material in Lion & Dragon that would be potentially useful for you. You have the medieval-authentic magic which you might want to use in part or in full with whatever game you're running. This includes things like magical cures, astrological talismans, and alchemical/magic recipes - all of which, if you didn't want to use as spells, you could use as new magic items.

There's also:

-the section on treasure which has a variety of luxury items
-the section on magic items which has dozens of medieval-authentic magical artifacts with stories behind them
-monsters (based on medieval-authentic folklore)
-a set of random tables and guidelines for creating adventure locales in the wilderlands/frontiers
-a mechanical system for resolving trials (which is of course based on the law code established in Dark Albion).

And those are the ones I can think of just now.

So, be sure to check out Lion & Dragon, and let me know if you have any questions you'd want answered about it!


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