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Friday 2 March 2018

How the "Social Justice" Left is Incredibly Racist Against Black People

Exhibit A:

Christopher Priest, an incredibly accomplished comic book legend, can't get work on any comic that isn't a black character. He used to be able to write anything he want to. Now the SJW Left's demands on the comics industry means that black writers (like Priest) MUST write black characters.

Exhibit B:

Social Justice Leftists had a Gorilla taken out of a playground, because they claimed it was "racist".

So... hold on. The SJW Left just claimed that monkeys look like black people, or vice-versa. Seriously, assholes?!

So these are just two of countless examples of how the Totalitarian Left inherently has a strong belief in White Supremacy. They claim to champion people of color, but almost everything they do is based on the assumption that people of color are just inferior and need them to be in charge and help them overcome "whiteness", which they otherwise couldn't possibly handle.

Voter ID is another. It is a subject of the Rich White Left, presuming that the poor darkies couldn't possibly have the wherewithal to go around with a picture identification, after all, don't they all live in mud-huts in the inner cities or something?! They've probably never even seen a camera!

It's ridiculous.

We have gotten to the point where you can have upper middle class white college students angrily shouting "no KKK" to black and Latino cops (of course, Latinos are "Schrodinger's Whites": either 'people of color' or 'evil whites' depending on what's convenient to the Left), and then lecture a black police officer on how he doesn't understand about racism.  We have to consider the thought processes that lead to that; and they are fundamentally White-Supremacist thought processes.

The assumption is that whites are inherently superior, and only they could thrive in an environment that was free and fair; and any non-whites who are fighting for a standard society based on freedom and fairness must be racially-inferior fools who don't realize what they're doing. They need the 'white men' to take care of them, and explain to then how they're being racists.

This is how we get to the point where it's "woke" for White College Kids who've never had a day of hardship in their pampered upper-middle-class lives can shout obscenities and throw bottles of urine at black cops while accusing them of being Klansmen.

Collectivism is almost always founded on the impulse (recognized or subconscious) of its architects to Rule Over everyone else.  The apartheid state that the White Left would like to create for the western world would be one that would have instances of visible discrimination and segregation against white people, it's true, but would also (and maybe even more severely) permanently trap blacks and other minorities into the prison of being presumed to have limited faculties, limited potential and to be formally and permanently classified with low expectations.


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  1. You know, the Democrats haven't been this upset since the Republicans took away their slaves, passed civil rights, and integrated the schools.

  2. Longshoreman-philosopher Eric Hoffer noted,

    “every great movement begins as a cause,
    eventually becomes a business,
    then degenerates into a racket.”

  3. SJW don't seem to be big fans of hetero whites either, especially males.

  4. The left will be shown by history to be and have been on the wrong side of every moral issue. To be on the left is to be intolerant of any other viewpoint. It is to lie and claim to be concerned about the poor and about minorities, but the real truth is that they only support policies that keep these people whom they claim they love, in their place. They want the poor to stay poor and they hate minorities and their policies are really formal institutionalized slavery in everything but name.

    The SJW left are pro-everything evil from bigotry to pedophilia, the left has never met an evil it did not embrace. To be left wing is to have embraced intellectual dishonesty and traveled down the slippery slope from which no return is possible. To be left wing is to be so convinced of your own inferiority compared to everyone around you, that you can only dedicate yourself to grinding everyone under your boot heel. All dictatorships are by their very nature left wing, the world of 1984 is left wing. If you go to the right far enough you move out into the wilderness to be away from people to live your own life without interference, but if you go the left far enough it is all about enslaving the rest of the world.