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Friday 16 March 2018

Continuing the RPGPundit Shitstorm of 2018

So, yesterday I literally didn't have time to blog, because I was responding to twitter outrage for the ENTIRE DAY.

It's still going on. So really, if you want to see it all, check out my tweets & replies on my Twitter account, or search twitter for it.

It's been hilariously fun.  Crushing their posts based on 'feelings' with my rational argument and mockery.

Plus made some interesting new friends, and had some very interesting conversations.

The funniest part was when Jeremy Crawford said he "never saw anything I wrote".

That's totally true, actually, as far as I recall. See, I never worked with Jeremy Crawford.

I worked with HIS BOSS, Mike Mearls. That is to say, above him. I have hundreds of emails dated 2012-2014 of Mike and I talking about all kinds of things (including some things I bet Mike wouldn't want to me to mention in this current climate). I would talk to him, and then Mike (I presume) would write to Crawford about what to do.

Anyways, keep checking it out. Back to the trenches for me.


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CORRECTION: in an earlier version of this blog I incorrectly claimed that it was "Chris Perkins" who had written a snippy little comment about me.
As several keen readers have now pointed out, it was in fact Jeremy Crawford.
My sincerest apologies to Chris Perkins.
It's just that it's very hard for me to remember which of Mike's underlings was which.  As I said, I didn't really work with any of them almost at all. I worked extensively and directly with THEIR BOSS, Mike Mearls.
I can hardly be blamed for forgetting the name of Crawford, who was literally a man too low on the totem pole for me to interact with.

Again, sorry to Chris Perkins who as far as I know has said nothing about me.


  1. I find it difficult and confusing to follow long Twitter fights/discussions after the fact. But making "actual play" sessions using scripts and actors is just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard (if that's what that guys is doing). It's like something out of a Ray Bradbury dystopian short story.

  2. We should setup a live audio stream of the Last Sun campaign, just for shits and giggles.

    1. That would be hilarious. But it would be instantly demonetized. On the plus side we'd all be immediately accused of being "OMG Alt-Right Nazis", even the guy in our party who is a euro-socialist and the guy who's a hardcore Trotskyite.
      We'll have to see what the rest of the guys think of this.

  3. I just reactivated my forgotten twitter account to read this XD

  4. Dude that was Jeremy Crawford not Chris Perkins at least get the story right if you are spew your vile.

    1. Drat. My mistake. It has now been corrected. The thing is, I have trouble telling the Little People at WoTC apart. I worked directly with the boss, not underlings like Jeremy.


    1. It was corrected now. I can't be expected to remember the names of lesser WoTC employees too low on the scale to work with me.

  6. Well, now you know that Crawford is the SJW fox in the WoTC chicken coop. I think Perkins just likes D&D.