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Saturday 3 March 2018

Lion & Dragon Campaign Update!

In this week's Lion & Dragon session, we had:

-A new player, whose first character is a squire about to make Knight, if he can survive.

-The PCs went to the Royal court for the first time. Here they realized the value of having a good courtier skill.

-Today's group was all-fighters, based on the characters selected by the players. Again, in my game, every player gets two characters, and can choose which of the two they play in most sessions.  They're all very different, both mechanically and in terms of personality.

-Mechanically, you have the one fighter with a ton of hit points, another who is just a monster fighting with a spear, and a third which is neither but has the most social pull (as a result of his prior family history). The character generation rules and the variable bonus tables for the classes as they level allows for very different characters of the same class.

-Personality-wise, one of these three is the careful thinker/planner, another is a straightforward no-nonsense type, and the third is already half-crazy (due to his encounter with a supernatural creature in his very first adventure) and tends to want to charge right into danger.

-This was the last of the three introductory sessions.  In this case, after getting to see the Royal Court in action, the PCs got to march in an army and go into a large-scale battle against invading barbarians.  The battle itself was ultimately a draw, but the action was crazy: by about the mid-point of the fight, the very brave squire had shown courage and competency but gotten himself nearly killed by a spear-blow. Two of the three fighters ended up separated from their forces; one to get the squire back to the rearguard to save his life, the other because he'd charged recklessly into the barbarian hordes and then couldn't find his way back again. He managed to survive being shot up by no less than 4 arrows. But it wasn't even enough to drop him.

-All but one of the PCs had received injuries; they realized the value of having good Constitution to avoid dying from infection!

Anyways, that's it for today. It was a pretty basic session, all told, and next time I figure we'll be doing something a little different (and using the Player's alternate PCs). Everyone had good fun, including our newcomer, for whom Lion & Dragon was his very first session playing an RPG, ever.  I think it left a good impression.


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