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Saturday 17 March 2018

I Never Thought Godhood Would Come This Easy

Them, when I Trigger Every SJW Swine in the RPG Hobby at once: "How can we take down the Pundit? I know! We'll call him The Final Boss of Internet Shitlords!"

Me: "Wooooo! I did it!! SUCK IT, MILO!!"

And all this just because I disagreed with their notion that people who don't play RPGs (and maybe even dislike RPGs) should get to be policy-determining members of the RPG "Community".

In other words, I said "D&D should be for people who play D&D".

Who knew Godhood would come so easy?


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PS: of all the swine I've been dealing with, my favorite so far was this one guy, "Darren Steele". 
He demanded that we go to private DMs to talk, because he "didn't want this to be about ego or point-scoring". 
He did this AFTER he posted a link to a Youtube video he performed himself where he basically CALLED ME A NAZI IN SONG.

PPS: Before anyone tries the joke here too, don't worry, I'm sure Milo won't take my statement about him 'sucking it' literally. He can tell I'm being metaphorical because my cock isn't black.  


  1. How many books did this help you sell? How many cool new games could you have worked on instead? Arguing on Twitter is a complete waste of time. Making cool games and selling them to people that can have fun playing your games is a much better use of your time.

    1. Probably quite a lot of books, to be honest. Every time the Outrage Brigade goes apeshit about me, I get more famous and sell more.
      And I was promoting L&D the whole time in threads full of people attacking me. The people reading and going "you know, he's right" will be checking those out.

      Marketing, dude. Self-promotion is key.

    2. There is no such thing as bad publicity ;)

  2. TL;DR

    Seriously... didn't bother this time.
    You doubled down that they are actors and get prompts from the GM before/during game making it fake. You doubled down that the community is not.

    Been play almost as long as you and maybe just as or longer than you. You are a fool. GG flipped again.

  3. Next thing you know, you'll get a call from Milo or Sargon for taking the title of "The Final Boss of Internet Shitlords!"

  4. I'd be curious to know the percentages of story gamers vs OSR gamers, vs unaware of anything not sold by Wizards of Piazo. Does anyone have that sort of numbers?

    Of course most such numbers would be based on sales and thus those that are gamers because they watch videos of gamers wouldn't be counted...

  5. Did you want to to draw traffic to Steele's Youtube vid? It was terrible. He was emoting as if it's Henry VIII and he was offering his kingdom for a horse. Unfortunately there is no kingdom and 147 views won't buy a horse.

  6. And... I confused Henry VIII with Richard III, but either way Darren Steele ain't Shakespeare.

  7. Well, I had to show the awfulness. This is how the SJWs think, folks. This is what they imagine you do. They think you are afraid of dark-skinned people and that's the reason why you don't want to let a group of Women's Studies Majors completely change your hobby.

    Or at least, that's what they want OTHERS to think of you.

    I thought it was hilarious, that this ass did it in song. BTW, if it has 147 views now that means I more than doubled his view count.