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Saturday 10 March 2018

What Products I'm Working On Now

I've got my Wild West game happening in like, five fucking seconds, so I'll totally admit this is a filler blog entry with whatever I could think of at the moment. And at this moment, I thought maybe you guys would want to know about what I'm working on in my Pundit Presents series.

The very next thing, coming out this coming week, is going to be a book on some of the monsters and dangerous people and entities of the Last Sun world from my DCC Campaign.

Over the next several weeks, stay tuned for:

- a really weird extraplanar adventure, The Door of 16 Gates

-A guide to the gender-indeterminate Azure Order of Wizards from Last Sun

-A supplement on Domain Management and Mass Combat for Lion & Dragon (largely cribbed from Dark Albion, for those who don't own that setting and for some reason don't want to)

-A Lion & Dragon adventure scenario featuring a sinister evil warlord

-A guide to the Twilight Realm of the Fae, detailing the 'extraplanar' faerie/elf realm for Lion & Dragon/Dark Albion

So stay tuned for these over the next few weeks, plus more!


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