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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Uncanny Creatures and Objects of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands!

Yes, today we have a new Pundit Presents, and this one is a book of gonzo monsters and antagonists, plus some special items too; all for just $2.99!

From the annals of the RPGPundit's (in)famous Last Sun gonzo fantasy campaign, this supplement brings you a variety of curious creatures and interesting objects that can be found in the Middle-Northern Wilderlands.

What kind of creatures and objects are in Uncanny Creatures and Objects of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands?  You get:

-The Archemaster! And his evil snowmen!

-The Cactus People

-Giant Chickens 

-The Circle of Really Old Wizards!

-The Disco Cube

-Giant Plains Snails

-Hillbilly Giants

-The Hypno-naga

-The Mountain Dragon

-The Mutant Discovery-Scout Elves of Camp Hee-Haw!

-Pythian Androids

-Scottish Mutant Barbarians

-The Succubus Princess

-Sword Octopi

-Middle-Northern Wilderland Zombies

Also, a variety of objects found in the region including control collars, folding mithril-thread tents, Pythian weapons and armors, and the Pythian War Mecha!

So if you like gonzo gaming, don't miss this one!

You can pick up Uncanny Creatures and Objects at RPGnow, or at the Precis Intermedia store.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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