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Monday 2 May 2016

I Got Interviewed!

A relatively novice blogger struck up a conversation with me on Twitter, and asked me for a few tips about how to expand his audience.  I was happy to oblige, and suggested one thing that has worked for me in the past is interviews.  So I went and got myself interviewed for this political gaming blog.

Check out The Injustice Gamer to find out what I had to say now about the OSR, D&D 5e, how much input I had as a 5e consultant, and what I think about the controversial people who have been hired to make expansions for Betrayal at House on the Hill.


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  1. So people that are sometime seen as "professional victims"? Is that right? And what are their tabletop credentials? I mean besides playing a kind of rpg game with the media.

    1. Yeah, well, like I said they clearly got hired for reasons that have nothing at all to do with their design credentials. Ironically, they wanted to blackball me when I was hired specifically for my credentials, not my politics.

    2. I hate Sarkeesian, but apparently she regularly attends boardgame meetings, FWIW. I guess that most of the "celebrities" will provide the ideas for the haunts and a real designer will actually design them.

    3. His tagline reads 'if you don't like the game, fine. Shut up and let me play'

      All I can muster in response is: "No, you fucking fascists"

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