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Thursday 12 May 2016

Nothing Spells Success Like When Your Enemies Hate You Enough to Deny Reality

I know I've been redirecting you to a lot of links this week; but there have just been a lot of links worth sharing with you, my dear readers.  And today's is no exception: witness the stupidity of the insular community of morons formerly known as rpgnet, who believe that D&D 5e, which has broken records and triumphed in press and reviews, is 'maligned' and doing badly.
Why the hate? Well, they just can't get over me.

LOL! Oh man, does it ever tickle me that these delusional cunts are wishing-cancer on the most popular RPG in the world because of little old me. Especially when the version of D&D that I worked on and that aligns with MY vision of the hobby has done so spectacularly well. Whereas their pet version (4e), was by far the least successful version of all time.

Note that I don't mean favorite in the sense of 'game we like to play'; lord no! 

It was their favorite in the sense of seeing something you don't like very much being 'put in it's place'. That's what 4e was all about to them: D&D being turned into what they always imagined D&D was like in all those critical essays

Anyways, all this fills me with the deliciousness of two of the sweetest tastes in the world: revenge, and being right.


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  1. All though I don't play 5th edition, I have read the books and think it is quite well done. A major improvement over the crap that was 4th!


  2. Haven't bought a new D&D game since the '80s. Not sure why they keep making new editions. Even less sure why anyone buys them unless they don't already have one. I'll stick with AD&D or Basic or OD&D if I ever feel the need to pretend to be a hobbit.

  3. As someone who actually played and enjoyed 4e: if 5e had kept the 4e monster design (if nothing else from 4e), I might run it. As is it's a game I might play someday. I personally like the description I've seen elsewhere that 5e is everyone's 2nd favorite D&D. It strikes a good middle ground.

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