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Sunday 29 May 2016

Trying to Explain Why Government Should be Blamed for Corporate-Government Collusion

If there's one thing that blows my mind about the leftist view of modern politics in terms of how blatantly wrongheaded it is, it's how liberals will always blame "Corporations" for shitty pacts between Corporations and Government.

I'm going to try to explain why this makes no sense:

Let's say you have a horny 16 year old high school jock. He wants to do everything that moves.
Let's say you have a middle-aged but still attractive high-school teacher.

If the teacher and the student end up having voluntary sex together, who was the more liable, the more criminal, and the less moral of the two?
The teacher, right?
Because it's the student's nature to want to fuck the hot teacher, but it's the teacher's job NOT to take advantage of the students.

While the actions of both could be considered 'wrong' on some sort of level, only one of the two parties involved has an actual RESPONSIBILITY not to engage in the behaviour in question.

And only one of the two has actual POWER. The teacher can force the student, the teacher can ruin the student's life, but the student has no means of forcing himself on the teacher outside of illegal physical aggression.  Thus, any coercion that happened in this scenario was on the part of the teacher, not the student.

So obviously, the student here is Business, and the teacher is Government. It's still bad that business gets in bed with government, but the larger part of the responsibility and blame rests on GOVERNMENT'S head, which is what you liberals consistently fail to understand.

Now let's say someone caught out our naughty teacher. What do you think should be done about this scandal?

Would your answer be "Give the teacher EVEN MORE POWER over the student, so that surely will stop the two from having sex, given what a sterling job the teacher has done so far"??

Would it be to expel the student and let the teacher go off scott-free, with a blank check to start all over again with another student?

Because that's what the liberal answer to government-business collusion always looks like.


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  1. Truth. And when people claim that Corporatism is somehow the "inevitable result" of Capitalism in action, it's like arguing that "the student just kept getting hotter and hotter! Eventually, the teacher practically had no choice!"

  2. This is a great analogy and I intend to steal it.

  3. Very good...but I haven't heard anyone saying the corporation is at fault in this some examples?

    1. Pretty well every lefty ever. They're always talking about how it's the "Evil corporations" that are corrupting government with 'dirty money', as if Government wasn't the one with both the duty to not be corrupted and ALL THE POWER to avoid corruption if it wanted to!

    2. Government is rife with corruption at every level. If anything, corporations are probably less corrupt, at least the ones that have to answer to shareholders and boards of directors.

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  5. Documentary "The Corporation"

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    1. Yeah, I saw that when it first came out. Do you have a further point about it?

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