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Saturday 21 May 2016


Well, this has been a hilarious Twitter hashtag, started when some of the Outrage Brigade decided that certain types of gamers would no longer be welcome at their table.  You know, in the name of 'inclusion' and 'diversity'.

Because I'm running a game in a half-hour, here's some of my top tweets on it:


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  1. So glad I don't facebook or twitter

    1. No shit. I gave up those two things and my life dramatically improved.

  2. It's ironic that they use bullying as an excuse to bully. I don't allow anybody to bully at my table. Period. It's simple as that; inquisitions are unnecessary and counterproductive.

  3. In the 80s I played with a thin-skinned feminist, only woman at the table. Characters found a female puppy, decided what to name it. Spot. One guy joked, "Spot the Bitch". Thin-skin thought it referred to her. Broke up the game. Next week things settled and SHE apologized. Remember when activists could admit mistakes? I don't.