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Wednesday 11 May 2016

The Spanish Invasion... RPG Version

So I had someone in the Spanish RPG-publishing crowd send me a link to this article, along with a personal thanks for the role my reviews played in this development.

The short version: several Spanish RPGs are being translated to English and published.  Spain has an incredible record of making spectacular RPGs, that until now most of you would never have been able to enjoy.  Games like Aquelarre and Walkure are stunningly impressive, and of course a lot of you may be familiar with "Aventuras en la Marca del Este" (Adventures in the East Mark) by now.

Take my word from it: the above announcement is not likely to be the end of it.  You'll be likely to see a lot of other great Spanish games in the future, now that they've been "discovered".

You're welcome.


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  1. Keep us posted. My Spanish is too poor to play them untranslated.

  2. And let's hope they fare better than the Armada.

  3. Very nice to hear ! I already own a copy of Walküre but I would definitely buy the English translation (as not everyone at my table can read Castilian). Akuma is a bit rule-heavy for my taste though.

    I'm still hoping for an English (or French) translation of La Puerta de Ishtar. You can't go wrong with Mesopotamian Sword & Sorcery...

  4. I am looking forward to Omertà :D

  5. And it might be interesting that just recently X-Corps (from Holocubierta) got funded for translation too?

  6. I got an email recently that the English version of the follow on to Adventures in the East Mark will probably be a Kickstarter soon.