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Saturday 7 May 2016

The Gods-Slaying Bundle Features Arrows of Indra!

It's shameless-plug time, as I promote a bundle that Bedrock Games has put together.

You can now pick up the Gods-Slaying Bundle for just $10!  It features the awesome Arrows of Indra RPG,  an OSR rpg set in a fantasy world based very closely on the Mythic India of the Mahabharata, which yours truly wrote.

You can also pick up Sertorius, which is a high-powered fantasy world game where you play 'exalted'-type demigods.   And Servants of Gaius, a spectacular RPG where you play secret occult agents in a monster-infested Roman Empire.   I've reviewed Sertorius and Servants of Gaius alike, so check those reviews out for more info about them.   Here's my author's review of Arrows of Indra while we're at it.

So there you are. Three awesome Bedrock RPGs, for just $10!  You can't go wrong at that price. If you haven't picked even two of these up yet, here's your chance.


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