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Friday 6 May 2016

RPGPundit Reviews: Hardnova: The Intercosm

This will be a fairly short review.

This is a review of the RPG setting sourcebook "Hardnova: the Intercosm", a setting book for the Hardnova RPG. It's published by Precis Intermedia, and written by Peter Spahn. This is a review (as always) of the print edition, which is a softcover book, about 60 pages long. It has a full-color cover of a couple of planets with a star in the background.

 The interior art is black and white, mostly small pictures, done in a comic-book style (and mainly consists of depictions of the setting's aliens).

I should note that I have a business relationship with Precis Intermedia, including their being the publishers of my Lords of Olympus RPG, and I figure anyone reading this should be aware of that. I don't think that this will make me biased in some way that would affect the quality of the review, but in the interest of disclosure I'll mention it anyways.

Now, I've reviewed this product before. You can find that review here.

It seems the publisher forgot that I had reviewed the earlier edition, so I could have skipped this altogether, but I figured I'd at least make his shipping costs worth it by bringing the product up on here.

And there are some changes.  For a start, the previous edition was a staple-bound booklet; while this version is a full softcover.
Secondly, the organization and layout has been improved.  Some images have also been changed in location and if I'm not mistaken a few new images may have been added.

Now, obviously, if you already own the previous edition of The Intercosm, it's not worth your while to get this one for those largely cosmetic revisions.  But if you haven't bought this book, check out my earlier review to see if it's up your alley; and keep in mind that this edition is slightly nicer to buy.

Anyways, that's it this time.


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