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Tuesday 24 May 2016

Tomorrow I'm Being Interviewed Live!

Check it out: Wednesday, 10pm Spain Time, I'm being interviewed by the top Spanish video channel on RPGs: Rol Salvage!

It turns out that I'm pretty popular in Spain, certainly among game designers.  My reviews of Spanish RPGs like Puerta De Ishtar and Walkure highlighted how Spain is probably the most exciting European scene for RPGs around right now, and helped to get translation deals for several RPGs.   Old School is pretty popular over there thanks to games like Marca Del Este, so there have been a few social media threads expressing excitement at my coming interview. Which is the first interview I've ever given live.

And YOU will be able check out the interview live (a link will be generated when we start the interview) on the Rol Salvage channel.   Mind you, in case I didn't make it clear, the whole interview will be in Spanish. So if you're an English-speaking Pundit fan, you're just shit out of luck.


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  1. I'll be listening, looking forward to it!

  2. I'll try to catch the interview.
    BTW I would advise to check the French rpg scene before making assumptions. Their production dwarfs Spain's.

  3. As opposed to being interviewed dead.

    1. Um, no, as opposed to being given a pre-recorded interview that is later edited, posted, with questions I reviewed beforehand, etc.