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Sunday 8 May 2016

Wild West Campaign Update

In today's session, the PCs didn't really have some kind of grand revelation about the wild-west.  Instead they seemed to be coming into their own.

Being a continuation from last session, most of this session was dedicated to a lengthy action scenario where they had to enter a rocky hilly area to confront a group of gun runners and the Indian renegades they were selling to.

We're talking Indian Territory (South Dakota) here, and when I mean rocky hills, I mean like this:

So there was a lot of careful stalking, ambushes, hidden dangers, and finally a stand-off with the gun runner chief who had managed to capture Sheriff Basset as a hostage.  One of the PCs managed to climb up one of the needle-like rocks and take a surprise shot at the chief gun-runner, disarming him. The rest of the outlaws traded him over in exchange for being let go.

They got back to Ft. Cheyenne, where the boss was ready to confess everything to the authorities, only for him to be killed in his cell.  No doubt by agents of Al Swearengen, who was involved in the highly illegal activity, and who has a very long reach.

One of the PCs also got infected with Smallpox, and nearly died!   He was glad to have survived, and that he was now immune, but this encounter with 19th Century disease scared the living crap out of the Players, especially while I was reminding the survivor of all the other diseases he could still die from.

That's it for today!


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