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Monday 30 May 2016

Pictures From Uruguay!

Just some random pictures today, nothing too special.

Here's a typical street corner in the Cordon neighborhood:

Here's an amusing contrast on the types of cars you can see in Montevideo's streets.  Some people have shiny new vehicles, with cars being a hugely important status symbol.  But because cars are a status symbol, having any kind of car is socially more significant than having no car at all, so some people will buy or hold onto the crappiest of beat up cars just to say they have one:

And speaking of cars, while there are some standard modern parking complexes in the city, there's also a lot of parking lots that you'd never see in a city in north america, like this one:

And finally today, some more street art. Because I love Montevideo's street art:

That's it for today!


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  1. Oh, we have parking lots like that here in N. America. In Detroit. Its modernity may be in question, however.